I am glad and humbled by being nominated for sunshine blogger award  by literary Masters Siddhartha Dua and Savvy Raj.

I am sure you will definitely like their blogs they post awesome write-ups and above all they are very encouraging.

I was also nominated for versatile Blogger award by one of my favorite poets Lebana and motivational speaker Peter.  Their blogs are worth reading and awesome.

(if i have missed anyone’s nomination, i am really sorry for that, just let me know , ok!!  .)

Answering Siddhartha’s questions.

What brings you to blogging?

Blogging was a SERENDIPITY for me and when I delved into it, it proved to be one of the unique platforms for sharing ideas and connecting to individual of diverging ideas and creativity , of people who are extremely talented yet so kind and generous always ready to provide precious time in the form of comments and always encouraging.


Who is the most important person(s) in your life?

My family . Esp my mother , since

everytime i returned back in the evening, i fathomed the smell of the halwa

everytime my eyes got numb it shredded the drops since her absence reached zenith

everytime i slept empty stomach, her mere sight at me was enough for me.

every moment esp when my heart scathed the frivolity my eyes spreed for her demure…….


What are your fitness goals and how you plan to achieve them?

I am actually very bad at this, and honestly i am getting fat. If you ask me, I would rather keep it the most simplistic way and gradually progress ahead to more strenuous one.

honestly speaking being a lazy ass ( I miss my mother’s daily scolds for this too) it gets really difficult for me to follow any routine. I am one of  the laziest persons.

Money according to you is?

Money for me is a secondary thing. I don’t care about money a lot, for me the person in front of me whom I care is the most important person. I am not extravagent but money I don’t stick to it.

Will you invest in stocks or FDs?


If you had millions of dollars would you still be working in the same organization that you are presently working?

No, a big fat NO!!, I will rather invest in some entrepreneurships. 

Have you ever been depressed in life?

Not actually. By the Grace of Allah . You know what we should neither be too happy nor be too sad. Remember excess of anything is bad.(Quran)

Do you think  there a stigma attached in going to a psychiatrist?

Yep i feel so, and the reason i guess is because in indian society this is not so fathomable or not in fashion , most of the people  tend to ignore this in their kith and kin which is actually very dangerous and gnaws a diseased person from inside making the condition more severe. I have actually seen in my own family. Mental disorder or disease is like a slow poison and the insolent and ignorant people just add to the gravity by directly or indirectly  aggravating  the condition of the diseased   or the sufferer. Sidhartha bhai !!this is actually of utmost concern, nowadays especially the younger generations who are a victim of peer pressure of plight-full and jingoism and patriarchal surrounding , where only the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ works. 

Have you ever suffered from insomnia, if yes what you did about it?

No, thank God.

Answering Savvy’s Question.

  1. Equality of sexes :i believe in that but not according to the definition of modern day feminists which is actually been enshrined in their famous books i am forgetting the names write now.  Well don’t indulge in that, I  feel its more of a propaganda to extort capital and feed their own motives, unless a honest organisation is running this.

i believe in equality in terms of justice, equal pay for equal work. i mean we should be just and what is right !! is right!!, and wherever there is injustice done to  any of the sexes we should unite and fight for the justice.

2. Happiness is contentment of the heart, which provides coolness.

3. Perfectness or absoluteness is a misnomer and we should rather work in the positive direction and avoid being a bragger and blabbler.

4. i don’t know the ‘d’ of dance, i don’t dance, i hate dancing. lol

5. I am thankful of every moment, every time i breathe in, every time its oxygen rich air. when you notice the unnoticed things around you (Like the stars, these physical constant and equilibrium etc. complexity of human anatomy or the ants or the single cell animals) you will become the Believer in The Creator.

6. To have a feeling of consciousness that You are being watched by the Almighty and you will be answerable of your deeds. and thats how the righteousness will develop, its the driving force.

Really, I want to express my gratitude to all my fellow readers for likes and their comments, this really shows their love and support. My God bless them happiness and prosperity.

have a great day.



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58 thoughts on “Awards.

  1. Congratulations . All answers are brilliantly written and your views on mental diseses is candid and says a lot about or mindset. Answers were to the point and no beating around the bush, that’s what I liked the most.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I was just beginning to think I havent seen you in a while. So I went to your site. I realized I had unfollowed you. Honest mistake, I swear. Don’t know how it happened. Anyway, I’m following you again. So its all good again. 🙂 hope you’ve been well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it’s must one of those wp glitches, it’s OK. I am well and good by the Grace of God, nevermind, Badi badi shehro me choti, bahut hi microscopic baatein hoti rehti hain.. ☺️😀


      1. Yeah, hate is a negative word. And there is no one who cannot dance. It is the expression of emotions and no soul is devoid of emotions.
        Obviously I do. I LOVE dancing 💛💛💛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dekho virtual dunia me sab kuch seekh jate. You see. Have you seen matrix? Dimag me program install Kia. Hogaye uteern. Kya bhidu?


      3. Hmm… Badi buri cheez hai yeh virtual dunia. Nah, I told you na, I don’t watch much movies. But you watch a lot of movies, this I can surely tell.


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