Old memories. 

(Pic: me)

Mere kuch yadein

Apne yadein ke sandook me sajona.

Aao kuch der ke liye,

Chale us yadon ko bunne.

Old memories! ,

Trudging behind the back,

Casting chimera of undiluted elixirs,

Some causing awful tears,

Some causing cheerful sneers

Old memories! ,

Why can’t you say?

I loved your bygone days,

When every harbour had an anchor,

And every nail was blunt

Each fall was safe…

And each tear dried away….

Old memories! ,

I know I did commit blunders

It was unseen& neglected asunder,

I remember those bygone days,

But why are those so afresh?.

Old memories!.

Have a look at me,

Strangled by time supreme,

Those friends that stood,

Now just moved to an unknown place.

Those hands that I used to hold,

Now turned away from me.

Old memories!!

These mirrors cannot reflect,

A smiling and carefree face.

A charade; difficult to decipher,

When performed by mortal cellophane.

It’s time to move on and let go,

Letting bygones be bygone,

Now, seem Irrational to flak and outcry.

Old memories!

Now you are the catalyst,

I know there you stand,

Not for me but for my angst,

To help me see between the lines and instill

Wisdom, courage and determination.

Perhaps swimming in consigned waves,

Programmed in me a bulwarking state,

Those trembling voices now lost in the echoes,

It’s a reign of the lost time,

Certainly not a sham labyrinth,

But with the utmost clear signs.

Behold! Old memories!!

I now can see it through the hazy sky.

Now i have the light that pierce the mind.

Old memories!!

Certain is that you aint cryptic.

And certain is that your clues

And silhouettes weren’t loathsome, but

Certainly furtively winsome.

Old memories!

One day i will be with you,

And these words maybe beared in the minds

Of my dear souls, as

Old memories!!!

(pic:from google)

©Copyright reserved 2017

All rights reserved.



Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

61 thoughts on “Old memories. 

      1. Oh, (that’s a point i will say awwww, but I won’t say it), do you personally like awwww, if you ask me, I don’t, bam straight forward no. It feels as if I am homeless…


      2. May be i am wrong. But now a days awwww is said in a very mean way, (may be its good but i haven’t came across good awwing).hey Please don’t judge me may be its good. 😁😁😊😊


  1. bahut badhiya post……yaade purani………..jo khushi aur gam ki pulinde liye baithi hai…..kabhi hansaati,kabhi rulaati magar mah use apne yaadon ke bakse men saari duniya se chhupakar kaid rakhte hain taaki log ese bhi hamse juda naa kar den….

    Liked by 1 person

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