Flying falon. 

I’m  like a stand alone falcon 

Among the horde of people 

I can see clearly your smile. 

In your calm sea, 

I may be your storm

Dont beacon me my dear

My ripples are certainly unfair. 



My path is tenaciously etchy   , 

You probably  cannot reach me, 

The hands you sought 

It’s too feeble to reach me. 

I am wanderer in the vast sky, 

I don’t have a nest to stand-by. 

I will be there when you call, 

Dont make me stay, 

For the sky is my home 

Let me fly and explore. 

Neither I have sticky words 

Nor I have a plastic smile, 

I can’t juggle shimmery chats

Neither am born perfect

But surely errs, 

As a human does. 



I’m  like a flying falcon, 

&, don’t play games 

Nor I am a folly 

Falling each time like a prey.

will serenade my electric tales 

Through my eyes onto yours. 

If you want to peck me for a adieu 

Or hug till our heart beat resonate 

Rest assured y’ll not find me there 

And don’t search the horizon. 

Will keep vanishing thr’h out the way. 


My exquisite time with you is,  now over, 

You need to forget, 

My stance with you was limited. 

Let me fly, oh, dear soul! 

I have; your memories, we shared! 

As time unfolds it’s upcoming years, 

Past forlon years you complained  

Gets rolled in an assuaging state. 

You are now a resuscitated being,

A bird now, flap your wings and fly. 

There is certainly no limit to the sky. 


When your flight hath begun , 

Don’t returneth searching for me. 

I’m nothing but a flying falcon 

Whose nest shall not be seen. 

And somewhere lost in the vast sky. 

Falcons are really cool birds . 😀😀

Images : Google image search, cool photographers, yeah. 

Copyright reserved ©!ns¡ght 2018

Aquib khan. 

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

57 thoughts on “Flying falon. 

  1. I’ve been saying this for long but I can’t stop admiring the poetic tendency of people just like you exhibited yours marvellously through a falcon’s journey, highlighting perfectly the free and wild side of them. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In your calm sea,
    I may be your storm
    Dont beacon me my dear
    My ripples are certainly unfair.
    – my favourite lines. !! beautiful depiction. loved it ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for appreciating it, Secondly, your writings whatever I have read just resonate that flying nature, ie, being free. Wish you good luck happiness. Keep up with the good work and cool post.


  3. This is really you musafir ji. So beautifully penned. These words really made me feel light, they have that ‘bird’ factor 😛.

    May Allah bless you. Āmīn


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