My favourite android apps that I use daily.

I love Android ecosystem not because I hate ios platform but because of its openness, and Google constantly release all the codes to public for developers to outsource to build custom roms, custom kernels make their own tweaks etc..

So yeah apps that I use.

For music I use music app from 1.Sony..

(it might not work for you.).

Sony music.

2. Y music. It’s intelligent music app let’s you play you tube music only, and music can be downloaded too via the YouTube.

Down below are the screen shots.

Do install i am sure you will like it.

I am big fan of kishore kumar. Yes guys I listen to old music, just because of their awesome meaningful lyrics. Use search bar to search for music and bam it does all your job. It can play local music too. Download here. ymusic

3. Greenify. This is a must have app for hibernating apps that use lot of system resources and drains battery like nothing. It may require root(using SuperSU or Magisk, king root etc) access for optimum use but works well with non-rooted users. it saved me alot of battery trust me. Screen on time significantly increases. Download here. Greenify Screen shots.

4. Gbinsta

Original Instagram application lacks (it sucks) few desired features that can make your experience more comfortable. Here comes this completely safe modified instagram for giving you the edge over others. I don’t use instagram now its worth it. Features of gb instagram. Based on

Ability to Zoom Profile Pics

Ability to Download Videos/Images

Ability to Share/Copy URL

Ability to Download Stories

Ability to Theme Chats

Ability to Theme Comments Page

Ability to Copy Comments

Ability to Translate Comments

Ability to Copy Bio

Ability to Support Links In-App

Option to Start Videos Directly with Sound.

Know Who Follows You.

For Logging through Facebook or to Link FB Account*

1. Uninstall/Disable FB App

2. ‎Install GBInstagram

3. Click on Login with Facebook

4. ‎Once Logged in you can install the FB App again.

*If want to login using login details than you can safely install the apk and click on Login – No Need to Uninstall FB App* Download here.

Download here.

Gb insta

5. MiXplorer.

It’s not from But it’s a very powerful and for those who are bit aware of coding or editing the codes it’s a must have app. It’s pretty much useful for average user too it does not use system resources, no background shitty task unlike es explorer.

Clean and simple ui,

Bundles everything that a user requires whether it’s a super user or an average user.

Download here.


Mix of all explorer that’s what the dev says.

Any thoughts, recommendations etc do comment down below always appreciate your comments.

Would be coming with more such posts.

That’s understood they are not my own apps, I am just sharing it.

All thanks to awesome developers and Android enthusiasts for making the user experience awesome.

All their repos are present on their githubs, ie they are all safe.

Have fun. Be awesome.

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14 thoughts on “My favourite android apps that I use daily.

    1. Oh, thanks yassy for liking it.
      Well, iPhone pretty much meets the end user demands, but like you cannot go beyond for Apple has to offer, for me its like being caged therefore in ios too there is a thing called jail break, lol. But it’s not on the level of android customization.

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