Rooting an android phone(System lessly through MAGISK SU).Twrp recovery setup.

You have been seeing the same old phone’s layout, and your phone lying there looking at you in a dull way.

That’s the high time to root it. Making you become what’s in the community called the SUPER USER.

let’s begin this SU ride.

First thing first


#Your warranty gets void.

#it can brick your mobile .

#apps’ data, internal storage will be wiped out,Completely!.(So back up locally or through cloud, if you wish to take this risk)

#You are doing it at your own risk. Ie don’t blame me if your device went berserk.

#your external SD card may Mal function.

#Your mobile can explode.

#if you are new (first time) to this wanna try this out of curiosity please don’t do it on your daily driver, do this on your secondary old phone, by old phone I mean atleast rocking SD 600> processor, lest it would be too slow.

# this may lead to a third world war.

#So try at your own risk.

Pre requisite

  • Make sure the bootloader on your device is not locked and you have a custom recovery installed. (search your device forum online for more info)
  • Make sure your device has more than 50% battery
  • Adb us setup on your pc. For flashing custom recovery like TWRP(if you don’t have a twrp recovery installed) .
  • Bit of research in the device specific official or non official forums.
  • A bit of patience.

Why should you root your android phone?

It’s pretty simple! root access will help you do that thing which you cannot do usually.

For example :

Let’s you install amazing sound libraries for super awesome music experience. One such I use is from ARISE Auditory SYSTEM called the Magnus opus sound mod. It let you install,Viper for Android, Dolby digital sound too.

Let’s you install apps that requires root ACCESS. Like greenify, kernal auditor, titanium back up.

Modify the build. Prop files.

you can install apk that requires xposed modules, xposed MODULE must be set up in the mobile formerly .

You can flash modules of magisk too. That are all pretty much amazing. For eg, You tube background playing that actually requires user to buy subscription and no shitty annoying adds. Bam eliminated. All for free.

Flash zip files that requires root dependant modules.

Let’s get started with the flashing process.

Go to your TWRP recovery.


Booting in a recovery mode is quite easy check your device forum for button combinations , generally it’s vol+ and power button pressed simultaneously and releasing the power button once the boot screen appears, make sure the mobile is switched off.

Twrp recovery

(Check your device in the list.).

For flashing twrp recovery.

You need a unlocked bootloader phone.(check your device forum for unlocking bootloader).

Adb on your pc.

Download adb files here.

adb (1.3)


adb 1.4.2

For flashing it.

Open command prompt on your pc.

Power off your device, press volume down and power key until fastboot screen shows up.(also read in your device specific forum for booting to fastboot mode).

Connect your device via USB cable.


Fastboot devices

Fastboot oem device-info.


It will return with the bootloader info, ie whether it’s locked or not.

Fastboot flash recovery (drag and drop the twrp*.img files here)

It will flash this recovery, make sure the twrp is your device model specific.

And press enter.

Now for booting it for the first time.

If you don’t want to flash twrp recovery permanently then start from here don’t need to flash twrp. Img file.

Fastboot boot (drag and drop the he twrp*. Img files here)

Press enter.

Your phone will now boot into twrp recovery.

Now, Flash lazy flasher, file. To disable dm-verity and encryption.(you can skip this but have to flash if your device stuck in bootloop, or the boot logo)

If your data is encrypted then you have to format the DATA partition it via recovery.

Which can be located Under the wipe section of the ui of twrp recovery. .

Now again reboot your phone in recovery mode only.

Now flash the magisk file.

Before flashing take a full backup of your ROM, through TWRP recovery and then copy it to your pc. (You can avoid this too, but it’s good to have a ROM back up, just incase).

Download zip here.

magisk 15.3

And reboot to system.

Now first boot takes a lot of time.

And now enjoy.

Read further.

About Magisk module.

I use xiaomi phone Mi5. In case if you are wondering.

Here is some screen shot of the magisk manager interface after rooting.

Magisk hide, if the app recognize this rooting method, you can successfully hide it.

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48 thoughts on “Rooting an android phone(System lessly through MAGISK SU).Twrp recovery setup.

    1. Rooting actually means getting to core of the Android ecosystem.
      If the Android device get rooted it opens a plethora of avenues to create or change which cannot be achieved for example of your processor is under locked and say you want to play a game that requires 2 ghz of clock speed, while your processor is very much capable but your default oem provider under clocked it, so if you want to play that game you have to buy a new may be expensive phone, if you are rooted you can tweak the kernel and bam you are good to play..
      Pretty much anything you can achieve, you can download apps which are specific to sony, pixel etc… Etc. Etc.. But there are risk too..
      You will lose system Ota updates, but still you can manually update it… It’s easy. Do read post o device specific official forum.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. My GodnessThis article is very awesome and included much informative facts.TNX ADMIN,Android rooting gains so many benefits over the Stock Firmware via perfect Administrative rights.If you would like to know them when you can visit to web-sites such as


    1. Yep, that’s why magisksu comes in.. I use it, all the aap , just hide it… Only a tick away… Some system partition dependent app won’t even recognize it. So try it.. Buddy. If you are interested.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t use king root.
        I Think this one is the best, I tried supersu before, but it alters system partition, so apps like banking won’t run. So this is how magisk SU is born.
        Do read it on your device official forum.


  1. I always wanted to root my devices but too scared to do it. If it was a laptop, ohhh i would have done it long long long long ago, but an android device 😲 i prefer not risk it

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course not! But we can format the hard drive and install a windows from scratch, we can make an image and load it when we need it, we can use a different operating system…. it’s much much easier and nothing to lose

        Liked by 2 people

      2. 😭😭😭😭 i don’t want to remember it’s so sad for me. No really, I’m not joking.
        One day the metallic thing we put the power adapter in (sorry i don’t know how to describe it) broke when i unplugged it.
        It was a little old and it had some screen issues too 😞

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh so. Sad , really if you were here in India three is a place here called “Nehru place”, it’s heaven for tech people and stuffs, any dead tech, like you say it’s there!!!, present there!!!.
        You laptop would have been resurrected to life here(InshaAllah) , they are all unofficial, so low cost too… You are good to go…😊😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good Job.But it bring so many mistakes.You are not mentioned some Tools needed to use during the Flashing Process.However.Good explanation.If you would like to know so many details about Android Rooting Articles from you can improve your Android and Rooting,Post Rooting Knowledge easily.Tnx

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