Here’s another collaboration  with Sameera whose poetry is sublime and her works are the stance for  kind of persona she nurtures which  is divine, I am glad to work with her and pray for her success here and in hereafter. Truly she pours out her elixir through her words and she is found somewhere seated at the mountain top of the everest  but her hermit is just a click away. 

Devi Sameera, elixir of words.

Here goes the poetry :

Stuck in between like twisted cable
Amidst the conflicting mind and hearts.
Conducting dilemma doubts and hoax.
My barbarous words
ruthlessly wreck a complicated verse
Blurting out chaos of my head
Inflicting a sense of peace in my stubborn heart.

In the sea where tides are high and low,
Among crabs and poisonous creatures dwelling,
I floundered in that sea of dismay,
Trying to Find my shores.
Uncertainty featly places itself
Obsessing my mind with the scintillating radiance
Casting its magical spell from the flickering lighthouse
Still, I struggle to find my abditory.

I never knew the pied piper behind,
Blowing the flute that  turned me blue,
I stayed in my dubious slumber,
All fairy tales heard was  false,
Neither there were mermaid,
Nor was the one of my dream.
Where do I lay my rusted lustre?
A place lying in suburban boulevard
And that is nowhere to be found!
My intransigent heart breaks
My mind fights my own beliefs
trapping my soul in abeyance
I close my eyes to bizarre reveries
This epiphany stabbed me deep
Where do I find my lorn peace?

I learned to smile in the dire gist,
The catatonic flame glutting me to the gut,
I learned it to hide.
Though shadows of past lingers in my eye,
I learned to burn and shine.
Though some people pulled my leg,
Like the crabs in the bucket,
I learned to festooned them on their fate.
I learned to smile, smile each day.
For I don’t pour tars of ignominy.
I learned from those stars,
Their marks on sand I tread,
To be the archetype like them.

The dark hallucinations of my night cease
Dilemmatic abulia finally end at peace
My mind extenuate the kalopsia
My heart pampers the eunoia
And my soul begins metanoia.

©Sameera Mansuri. Aquib Khan (2018)

Poem Title: Resilience – (of person) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.


Published by AQUIB

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29 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. This is fantastic, Aquib! How well the two of you have merged your words to create this lovely piece of poetry, so profound and deeply engaging. A wonderful collaboration indeed and I would love to see more of these. My wishes to Sameera as well. 🤗

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  2. Devi Sameera 😛 LOL..! thank you Aquib for this opportunity. although I hanged you many times this was worth the effort 🙂 You have an amazing way with words and I would love to collab again. Thank you again 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks a lot Abhishek bhai… Thank for your appreciation, much humbled by your remark who himself write awesome post.. Keep smiling. ☺️☺️. Have a you tried rooting? Well you can contact me I will try my best to help you.

      Liked by 1 person

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