Google pixel 2 camera APK PORT.

Well it’s the talk of the town among Android enthusiasts, like me.

Well I must say android enthusiasts are not poor but they do some real neat work for porting out these apks.

Three of such developer forked out camera app exclusively to pixel and its actually the selling point of the pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl, this application make images so good that it comes near to professional ones taken from ultra expensive cameras.

All credits goes to arnova, Bsg and other testers who helped Google camera to port out of the pixel devices to work on other.

I have taken some shot but unfortunately got deleted, when my phone just got soft – bricked when it was undergoing operation.. But somehow I managed to bring it back to life, (the edl mode the emergency download mode that Xiaomi devices has making it so called developers friendly mobile, well i am not a developer though just an amateur inquisitive person)

When you are learning things out of your own,accidents happen….

The shots I bet were delight for photography lovers and I must say the Google hdr+ is blessing in disguise and blows out life to the snaps.

Now let’s get started

Some requirements :

-Works well snapdragon cpu only. Best on 800 series chip set.

-camera api 2, which is used by Google camera.

– a bit of patience.

Warnings :

-you are making these changes on your own , if your mobile blast then don’t blame me.

-after all these if it does not work it’s just your bad luck.

-well if the app crashes then you can submit the logs to the developer he might issue the update for you. Well locate him in the mirror link I provided.

-always back up your device locally or in cloud, chances are there that your data might loss.


To check whether camera Api2 enabled or not.

Download a terminal Emulator app.

terminal Emulator

Type command

getprop |grep camera

If the line is there that means camera Api 2 is enabled.

Mine too wasn’t enabled by default but I enabled it, just download build.prop editor and add this line anywhere.

build prop editor.

(make sure to backup the original build.prop file)

Save it and reboot the devices.

Make sure your device is rooted for amending the build.prop.

To root your device you can read this one. Magisk su.

you can manually locate this file in root/system/build.prop too. And edit it via the file explorer too. Both will get the job done. Here is the screen shot.

But when i enabled this camera Api 2 my selfies were inverted.

I Googled the problem and found a fix where I had to modify the file present in

Root/system/etc/camera /.

Look for this file..

In it make the following changes under camerald 2.

Just change the angle from 360 to 270.

Note : make this changes only if your selfies come out to be inverted.

Well here is the apk.. Download the latest one..

Bsg named one don’t need any configuration,

While latest arnova apk don’t need configuration too.

if the apk does not work still, try the older version..

Use Hdr+ processing as of nexus 6 auto, and choose model as nexus 6p.

All Credits goes to the developer, follow their work on xda developers. Links in the mirror links here.

Download the modded, ported apks here.

Google pixel 2 camera. apks.

I have to apks working one of version 1.7 and the other latest on version 6.

This one is Gcmod5 and it takes amazing pictures wow.. Portrait mode is also working for rear cam but crashes on front.

This one is latest but I feel version 1.7 takes a better pic, but here portrait mode for both front and back cam is working flawlessly.

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28 thoughts on “Google pixel 2 camera APK PORT.

      1. Majdoor! Correct! Hum sab majdoor hai.😊
        *spaces, spaces*
        No it’s not a bad joke haha😂
        You’re seriously advertising me now :p haha
        Keep shining Aquib!😊😊😊

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    1. B. Well you can buy a pixel phone if you want..
      But if you want the pixel camera application for free..
      You download the application and see if it works by default then you are good to go.. Download the latest one. Version 6 one..

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