In Syria!!

This is happening for the long time. Like I don’t watch India media because all they show is bullshit inspired by rat race of trp and fakeness. While the truth is so evident and ebbing fervently. In the world where the rulers are concealing truth and fooling masses. And subliminally mind washing youth through entertainment media. #wakeup #read.
Realize the Real God. That’s the main agenda of them to fake enlightenment under the garb of money.. But it’s not too late… It’s evident on their forehead. We must see it.
Please, do read this.


In Syria, cruelty is tarnishing and humanity is ashamed of its literal implications, the silent humanism of the world is giving humanity an opportunity to be blooded, subjects such as country / caste / religion always become secondary to humanity, have become secondary There are also, but all humanist organizations in Syria seem to be carrying an unconscious state while acquiring a silent state, from the twitterIn the painted pictures, the children who were killed by childlessness were not obstructed in the path of any power / power; the death of such infidel children as accepting divine form while acquiring power due to such a devastating killer ruler global silence Doing / doing, dealing with the inhuman people, this dishonesty is disgusting and condemnable, please raise human voice against each level on this issue.Try to protect, every obscure child in the world is entitled to live her life…

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50 thoughts on “In Syria!!

      1. Dekhoye aquib bhai, wake up is duniya me koi nahi hota jaldi, unless khud par nahi aati hai to. Apni country kee hi gareebi ko dekh lijiye, ya corruption, ya malnutrition, ya injustice, ya crony capitalism. Par aapki koshish kabile taarif hai. Main iss issue par zyada opinion nahi rakhta, kyunki zyada knowledge nahi. Par jo ho raha wo galat hai, innocent logon ke saath khaskar. I hope iska solution UN wagera me jaldi aaye, aur amreeka wagera ki chedkhani se duniya azad ho, sara kiya dhara directly, indirectly unhi ka rehta hai mostly.

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      2. The real agenda of America is to rule the world, it’s in their emblem that each president swear by…
        So, unless we denounce dollar etc.. like non cooperation type and work with our terms.. Btw it’s not going to happen.
        I really get pissed off.. Like people are sleeping or what.. I feel that.
        Awareness about this is very much necessary.
        It is so evident even a ummi/illiterate can understand.. Each one of us who has in them the writer, the passion should pen down their emotion… And expose them sort of.. I hope it start with me, you and everyone.. I or you alone can’t make any marked difference but in unison can…

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      3. Bilul janab! Chomsky pada hai, waise? We’re not the first. Ye sab ko pata hai waise, aur realpolitik ka khel hi kuch aisa hai ki this isn’t going to change. America se pehle Britain tha to uske pehle koi aur. Solution hai self-empowerment, udhahran hai cheen.

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    1. No, sister I mistakenly unfollowed you, like I have Uninstalled the app and mistakenly hit the following button it made me unfollow.. ,
      trust me you are my favorite one, my lovely sister …, and the one who will be lot of chocolate… 😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂

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      1. 😝😝😝😝, but still my dear sister lately I had some anger issues, so if I have been a bit rude, then I apologize… Intentionally I don’t.. But I get rude and impulsive I guess.. 😝😝😝😝,..

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  1. Astagfirullah, it’s a shame what’s happening in this world we’re born in a very wrong era with vicious soulless people in it. In fact, they aren’t humans, they’re worst than beasts!
    What a shame we can just view and do nothing, this makes me extremely sad.

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    1. Don’t be sad soiba. There the women are fighters too and absolutely their tears have dried away seeing the genocide.
      One of brother who is doctor there on visit told women are like get used to killings now.. They are transformed so emotionalless…

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      1. Thanks, only a true humorous person can see a true humour… So, mujhe lagta hian “woh ho tum*3”
        . “The humourous lady”. Since only a humorous person can see me..
        “can you see me?”..

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  2. But on a serious note, This is exhausting. Their was a civil war even in the Syria recently. I try to gather as much information possible because that actually makes me feel like I am taking part in liberating it though its of no use I guess But I still continue. And your post was an enlightenment to the ones who don’t read newspapers or otherwise also. Besides I love social issues and I appreciate you truely for your work.

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    1. Yeah you are write, religiously destruction of Syria and appreanace of Dajjal called as anti christ or these things will take place they are prophesied.
      But you know we must follow the God and then we don’t have to worry.. You know.

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