Line of control for media!!

A very meaningful and very logically explained by Tanir highlighting significant points relating to the blasphemy and PRESTITUDE media, I must say not all but some are like so evident. please do read.

Beauty lies within yourself

Media a very powerful tool and a sword arm for a democratic country. Media acts as a watchdog which provides the information to the public and works for the welfare of the country. They are full responsible for their act since they provide information on national basis and any error can lead to severe consequences.

Undoubtedly, media have helped in creating awareness among people and have helped in understanding the surroundings. It not only strengthens the society but also helps in shaping the public opinion.

Without mass communication we cannot imagine the life. However, the question arises ”how well media are playing their role?” Is there any line of control to what extent they can interfere in obtaining the information and how well they picturise to the society. I don’t want to compare the media with the media of other countries or else our society will completely lose the trust…

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