Love #3. Apparition. 

Oh dear glad you found me,

Was shackled by the shadowy beasts,

In those aeons of trials ‘n tribulations

I interred in a cascade  bartered,

Surely your hands so feebly strong,

That it hold be right.


Oh dear dont be crazy at me,

I looked upon your silhouette,

As you walked passed by.

Since the time I saw you,

I never knew,

You were by my side.

Dear, remember the laughter we  share

Over the silly cup of tea,

I was really a caffeine addict,

Therefore I always stole

half the apart of yours.

It was really  silly of me.


Love we shared was so delicately strong,

Your perky tears that my hand soaked

I won’t let it fall,  my dear! ,

I once told if that appears again,

‘Gandhi ji would start a march there.’


Your desires and demands

Were like your books,

Your smile and demure I admired the most.

Sometimes your beady eyes sparkled

The joy and bliss channelising in ‘tween.


And across the road we stand

Amidst  the heavy traffic in ‘tween

Waiting for the clear signs. 

Only to see the apparition,

In the stillness of slowing silence

Where once you stood,

Waving your hand.

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Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

77 thoughts on “Love #3. Apparition. 

  1. I wonder if you’d enjoy seeing a maybe paralleling feeling in old mold pop lyric. Al stewart’s ‘Time passages’. I so often have seen the apparition- well said! Btw- of memory replayed re-seen. And 😉 thanks too for continuing my ways reading 😉 what a nice thing to see 🙂 (hopefully you’ve a little proof back ? Heheheh)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. , you can make anyone speechless really, it’s humbling for me.
        Always Looking forward to read from your unique posts, and intriguing write ups. ☺️☺️☺️.


  2. If you I dust on saying my take is mine— keep in mind I saw r.o.p. R oh! P. Or rope that’s what is genius of associated depth (shh. Accidentally genius or unintentionally genius counts too! ;). Yes I’m butter)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That dust is clear now, I hope!!
      Well I got you… I feel like.. 😉😉
      Well buddy… It’s late night here in New Delhi.
      Have a great day tomorrow.
      Well where are you from, sir?


    1. Hmmm thanks Shreya.. Humbled to hear that… Keep smiling and reading 😝😝and obviously!! Keep writing… I miss lots of emojis so please assume it, itna toh meharbani kar hi sakti ho kya???

      Liked by 1 person

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