Lost ‘me’

Fiery eyed, passion and raging blood.

Since when I lost myself in the dunes of smudgy cruxes.

Oh, see the time’s tyranny, Ahaa!! , trampling me to extreme.

Robbed time to solve the jig saw of typifying broken-mirror,

In each I saw a forlorn me.

My institutions,

Tirading, jolting, giving me the electrifying shock.

                    Conspicuous web of dilemma hovering me,

The love,  the anchor is weak withering me,

Turning me to a vacuous vegabound,

The gossamer of me shaking.

Me,  bereft of ‘me’.

Comeback ‘me’!! …

Oh God of universe!  return me the ‘me’  that I meant to be with.

Entwining,   eventually with the ‘lost me’.



©Copyright reserved 2017



Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

73 thoughts on “Lost ‘me’

  1. “Oh God of Universe. Return me of the “me” that I am meant to be with”. That is an amazing line, trying to find yourself is what the guy is asking, so powerful! I read your work and become more awed, what a journey you have come from Aquib, you are just striving and your imagination and heart is soaring. I absolutely loved this piece. Your words, your flow….I couldn’t ask for a smoother river ride my friend, great job!🙂

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      1. No problem Aquib, I love your post, so heartfelt and invigorating to read. I can’t help but smile after reading your work. Thank you for your support my friend, never change who you are, stay wonderful!😉

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      2. 😀😀💪💪 thanks for the support buddy… God willing will BE the “ME”, and you will be the”YOU”, 😀😀
        But actually the pleasure was always mine..
        Keep writing.

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  2. Reveling and soaking in your amazing words.
    “Me, bereft of ‘me’.
    Comeback ‘me’!! …
    Oh God of universe! return me the ‘me’ that I meant to be with.
    Entwining, eventually with the ‘lost me’.”: Absolutely amazing! The imagery in this poem is so strong and the feelings so raw and deep. 🙂 🙂 Loved it!

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  3. This piece is entirely different from your present writing style. I have read almost all your posts, no matter what the genre was I felt each one of them. But I got not the feeling in this one. The feel of ‘you’

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