Sheen (A collaboration)

A collaborative work with Aaeedah aka Ceriua.

I am profoundly grateful for her kindness and humbleness for collaborating with me.

Her works stand out for her brilliance, her epic style of thinking and writing foremost her keen interest as a seeker of spectral knowledge makes her wiring unique.



As black as the charcoal,
Tantamount to shimmery calmness,
These when given perchance
Smothered to give the belligerent eminence.


Our reveries
Burnt down to numb, frowned ashes.
Contemplated musings
Rise up as rusted-red, glittery yellow flames.


This black beauty
Espoused many dignitaries.
Ardent zeal for the fuel
Caused ordeal of disharmony.


We burn
Underneath the canopy of worldly
Conventions, lacklustre rejections.


The nature cries at their,
Shambling incense,
Burning their morals and conscience
Their lustre succumbing to ashes.


Brittle scowls, porous screams go unheard
Until hollow darkness swallows
our dead wishes’ remains.
Until our souls turn to cold, dark charcoal.


The odyssey of life,
We ace the superficiality
But lies in the heart of charcoal .
The priceless, that was,
moulding and transforming
Throughout these ages.


Now we shimmer,
Sublime, crystal dead souls with no hues.
Voiceless voids in grief-stricken bodies


Underneath the canopy of worldly
Conventions, glamorous exceptions .
Choked, tangled perceptions
Enclosed in scarlet, black just coffins
Marked by desires, lust and greed.
We shimmer,
In the name of diamonds.


The diamond from the
Amorphous carbon,
Voicing the enigmatic tale,
Pellucid human being,
behind the glitzy wall
Pervicacious, furiously
tasting this insatiate greed.


Among these, it wasn’t the carbon
But equivocally, human bleed.

©Pearlpoetries and !ns¡ght

By Pragya and Aquib.

Logo : Nandita

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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