#Justice for asifa. #This needs to stop. Speak up for justice.

This needs to stop.



Imagine a small female child .


She was the budding flower but was crushed before she can bloom to glory.



A small bud being tortured and plucked and not only that but also every petals were Romoved and the remains were trampled till the last breath.


Who could do that ?


a normal human ? No, absolutely no .


But a beast, a dreadful Satan. Full of rage, malice and vengeance.


What for?



She was ganged raped, mutilated before she could breathe her last breath.


To those who cherry pick fault and shamelessly ask or question character of the girl, please tell.


“What is her fault?” .


She was an angel, a child of just EIGHT years of age.

(I cannot even think of the details of chargesheet that was published in Indian express, all I could  say that  they must be chastised to death)


After “nirbhaya kand” people were mind bogged in India, that incidence was beyond imagination.

The wound are still afresh and then this happens.


Every  girl in India is the daughter, sister of all of us. We pledged during our school days.








Leave the statistics,, focus on today’s scenario the plight of normal girls living in villages in India, esp the state where women are still treated as though they are non existent and can be exploited used at their whim. Esp in the state of haryana and Rajasthan.


It’s about justice and normal human treatment.



What baffles me when things start getting compared?


Their big fat Brains fail to understand that crime is crime,

stop comparing uselessly to feed the agenda.


Actually, you know what!!! they are shrewd schemer. Who plays with people sentiments to feed their belly.

And those foolishly clever person, I will not name any  organization or person,  the truth is clear and evident , charge sheet had come out,,,

these  “What about” people are are playing with sentiments , that’s it, these “black suit ” people are painting common people subliminally to black, I can say, mind washing commoners.

“What about ” people are so hypocrite its on their face. I will talk about them later in detail.

The simple thing is justice whether it’s anyone,, justice should prevail.

Justice is same for all.


NO TOLERANCE TO Rapist. Whoever the culprits are, justice sees no color, classe sect or religion.

They must be chastised to death.









There are incidences world wide too.






I request all my sisters to not tolerate any teasing, or sexual abuse in school, work place etc.


Just inform parents first.


Hey, my lovely readers I have been busy(with college stuffs and exams 😣😣😣) so I apologize if I am not active at your blog. But remember I am always here for you all, I do open and read awesome posts randomly.



I saw a video that was really a sad reality.

Remember, half knowledge is always dangerous, and remember age is not the parameter or the scale to judge who is more knowledgeable.

Guys please don’t support who are giving religious edge,

rape is a crime and  rapist should be chastised to death.

And citizens of India must introspect and pave the way to peace.

I don’t watch news channels,   it’s pity to listen to some insidious  views of some  highly “educated ” people.

A knowledgable person is always kind and humble.

Here is one sholaks that I remember to end this post with.


नमन्ति फलिनो वृक्ष , नमन्ति गुनिनो जनः

शुष्क वृक्षस्च मुर्खास्च ना नमन्ति कदाचना


See you lovelies in the next post.

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38 thoughts on “#Justice for asifa. #This needs to stop. Speak up for justice.

      1. Yeah, therefore the judgement should be quick, I heard other news too in up Assam etc
        generally people like in up people with power shy away from these easily.we should think twice ,you rightly said religion being used in a negative way ,or to manipulate people is bad think.
        We should questions them, their thinking then vote. And punish the criminals as soon as possible.


  1. Rightly said…Justice should be done irrespective of the religion caste creed colour…But you know another brutal rape case has come up and the girl was 11 years old…I saw the images she had grave hurts on her body…They are demons…The things is very few rape cases come in light…But the real number is as much as lakh multiplied to what is in light…


    1. Yeah, justice delayed is justice denied. But you know it was made to stay dormant for 3 months, then this outrage took place .
      It came into ” light” because some goons in the powerful are supporting the culprit.. the trials and punishment to the rapist must not be delayed.
      Every rape is a grave crime, grave sin only punishment should be chastisement till death.


  2. Aah yeah. This is another news. A few days days ago I read something similar to this.and that’s really sad. She was grazing her horses in meadows near some village in Kashmir when some men came n kidnapped her. That’s not actually what people should be like.😆

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