Sticky downhill… 

Time to venture out and swim in the sea, 

Elements, elixirs  that maketh thee. 

Certain clocks that stopped ticking 

Tis not the time, it’s constantly  marching, 

Tis tiriding at my slumber state, 

Smashing against the tyranny that upholds, 

Though my eyes were open 

Never had I opened the third one, 

Until now, I see the cruxes beguiling, 

And the maze that exist,  

Now unraveled its solutions. 

Those words you spoke, 

The words that gave momentary pleasures 

Took a part of your soul.. 

To see you falling when I gave you the hand, 

You befelled on your own

Now there left for you is only remorse. 

The part that you denieth! 

Wasn’t meant only for me, 

It was the one,  you refused and treaded and tried the pernicious contrary road, 

Until you reached the core, 

Now my friend, it’s now or never. 

To transcend uphill, 

Or descent to sticky downhill…



All rights reserved.

Images credit: Google image search and respective owners.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

49 thoughts on “Sticky downhill… 

  1. Though my eyes were opened, I never truly opened the third one….so powerful because that’s a symbol that he was still blind. This was an awesome read for me my friend and wonderfully written. You must have had joy writing this. The last lines were such an eye opening message…..rise or fall, love the choice. Awesome!!

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  2. That reminded me of something really interesting, an important event that occured in my life…that was excellent mate 👍 you’re from which country by the way?

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  3. You’re welcome mate, i’m from Mauritius by the way…my dad was an Indian, he came from Gujurat…

    about my experience, well i oversimplified it by calling it an event but it’s more accurately a long story, i made some pretty bad choices in the past especially by ignoring the advice of people who extended their hands to help and now i’ve found myself in the situation to either “transcend uphill” or “descent to sticky downhill”…just like you said, “it’s now or never”…that poem is very relatable mate…great job! 👍

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    1. Hey, thanks a lot buddy , glad if it can be of any constructive aid to you or anyone. Well you know what I feel you are awesome and great. Everybody errs ’cause it’s humane, but to repent and turn to the straight path is the differentiation, so buddy…. No worries…..nice to meet you.. Have a great day, don’t loose that smile. 😀😀😉😉

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