Random thoughts( are back). Spam likes, purpose, and one guy.

Spams likes are annoying. Number one thing if you are new to blogging get this right in the cerebrum or corpus collassum or cerebellum, amygdala, hippocampus wherever  you want, it’s not a “facebook” or “dating site”. It’s “different”!, it’s a blog.! Where talented or extremely talented people share things on.

Get the Intentions right. The” purpose “,I mean the purpose is to share skills , knowledge etc.

The key here, that is ,to be noted are

What is your purpose here ?

And your intentions?

most of the time i operate wp through the browser since I personally find using app utterly annoying and distracting. Don’t get me wrong  it is good and convenient to remain connected and notified but I do this way.

I don’t want to expose anyone, but a guy right from the beginning likes my comment on the  fellow bloggers posts’ whom I generally read. Thats annoying if it’s overdone.

Dude I know you  read my posts, it’s ok,  I appreciate you. But you don’t have to hunt to like my freaking comments everywhere. Save your time. Take a deep breath, close your eyes may be dream about your dream date, on a serious note I feel you like me, I got you!!, atleast you like something.”

Well  letely I am less active here  but I promise I love reading posts whom I generally read or acquainted of. It’s connection to their posts.

I bet all are exemplary and obviously, obviously, whether it’s my semester examinations or something important I make sure that I read and probably comment on them for whatever it takes. So, yeah awesome writers your pen is divine. KEEP WRITING.


Tell me seriously does anyone of you are waiting for my poems ?

I love as usual to hear from my readers. Wish you good luck and prosperity.


Yours only






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the unsung poet..

80 thoughts on “Random thoughts( are back). Spam likes, purpose, and one guy.

    1. Thanks MVS for your encouraging remark, it’s always get me motivated to read such comments. Have a great time. may God bless you with success.


  1. I’m waiting for your poems 😗 and that dude is annoying. I mean, why would anyone do that. I liked your hilarious way of approach

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    1. Yeah, it’s being overdone .. This needs to stop. *Spam like* alert.
      Thanks for your encouraging remark ortensia. Wish you good luck and success.


  2. Reblogged this on Novus Lectio and commented:
    I agree with this 98%

    But i understood something which i’ve been told before but misinterpreted : stalking so.eone ’cause we like him/her.
    Actually i do that to people i know an find in my fellow bloggers posts. It’s. A way to say “hey dude! I liked what you said ” but once someone told me that i was freaking her out and she wanted me to Stop.
    I wasn’t happy about it. It was as if she slapped me in the face because i was too noesy. But i guess …. everyone is different.

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    1. It depends on the intentions, lol I would love if you stalk me (I know you don’t stalk me ,,just saying hypothetically) 😀😂😂, because I know you , as a trust worthy individual. Don’t worry , she could nkr understand that you were trying to convey to her the right things. Who does not like to have a friend or sister or well wisher like you. It’s all good ,,, keep smiling. I got you.😂😂

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    1. Yeah I agree with that side too ,floatinggold.
      Glad to hear from that you. Please Tell me the way to backfire or just write, may be and ping me the link. ,or leave it (curiosity plugging in )..😀😀
      Have a great time.

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    2. I think floatinggold is on the right track and Aquib you are being kind. They’re looking for attention. Just blog with dignity, spam-liker.
      And yes, would be lovely to see some new poetry, Aquib. I especially enjoy the ones that are related to the news. Hope to see more soon, and hope you are well. 👍

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      1. Hope you are as fit as fiddle and as cool as the mountains. Wish you good luck and happiness. Will be back InshaAllah just involved in exams and all.

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  3. I am always interested when I see your post. So yes, write a poem.
    Talented and very talented?🙈 I must be wrong here then as I am not at all talented 😅
    Keep writing dear, may everything works out for u as u wish

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  4. I have had some odd “stalkers” lately liking my comments on other bloggers posts. I have chosen to ignore them for now. And as for your poetry…..I love reading poetry. I can;t write poems to save my life so I look forward so much to seeing yours and the poems of other poet bloggers.

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  5. I’m guilty of spam likes. But that’s because I like comments made by few users. Not exactly because I’m stalking them. 😛 But, I’ve noticed such spam likes, which make me curious sometimes. 😀

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    1. Thats really nice of you to say that, liking a likeable comment seems appropriate and justified. Imagine I hunt down all your comments everywhere.😀😀.. and like it without even liking any of your posts.. you even dont know me. You know ..thats the difference ..I hope I made it clear.

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  6. Hahaha, this was pure gold. I wish I could mine this, I’d get it melted and made into a ring Aquib. No lie though, you do speak the truth my friend, some people come on here for other purposes poetically speaking😁. Now I’m waiting for you to write a poem about it, but I won’t hunt you down!😂😂😂

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  7. It takes time to read blogs in wordpress. I spend about 2-3 hrs a day just to visit each post on my feeds and the ones who likes my post. Personally I don’t open my wp app if I don’t have enough time reading. And I understand about some bloggers liking your comments.. some does that to me too…. I just we can’t stop them,eh? And of course your poems are always a delight to read. Have a lovely weekend Aquib! 🙂

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