A duet

In collaboration with  soiba.

Her subtle nature is what reflects on  her blog, which is unique and worth reading. Lucky to have her by my side as a friend . Her poems and prose reflect life and her thought process is wonderfully profound and pristine.

Please do follow her I am sure you all will cherish it.


Here we go.

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the birds of Siberia bringing heralds,

Serenading peaceful song in the sky,

I learnt love from them.

This rose I had though it didn’t mean to you,

Unheard was the song it said

Reside in  it were  my beats in them.


Ah! my wishes

My sweet sugary longings

Love’s been my hope

Oh!when I got too close

How swiftly I lost it,

Alas!! Shouldn’t have done my bit!



The damage was already done

Had nowhere to run,

It became my abode


I got bestowed!



The pixie moon among stars, stood there

Glittering the  celurian amour,

Watched alone along the heavenly ride.

It’s fine to see the love wins.

It does win, doesn’t matter if you are alone.

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Soiba and Aquib

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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