He who knows it all. (A duet)

This comes in collaboration with a person who wish to remain reticent because of some untold reasons.

I wish to reveal the name and that’s why it’s only a wish. Wishes rarely come true. But that person is  cool and have an amazing personality.



Here we go.


Pen and paper, brushes and canvas

I either paint(rarely) or write(always)

Of long gone desires, of long forgotten dreams

There’s a difference between the two

I am yet learning

Yearning perhaps,

But who knows what both are

Except for Almighty Himself

For He knows it all.


When the storms arrive, and

When the tides are high,

Remember the most High,

Have beautified your sky

And made for  yo ;one moon,

That shines: refulging your

Hues of hope sans  derides.

Dear! Remember the path.

Engraved in the most Glorious,

Treaded by the companions,

Where they exhort success

With patience and perseverance.




In your convas dear,

Black dots are there,

With all different colors,

It looks great, when you paint.

You write verses touching the sky,

Scintillating the sky with stars

That speaks all your fights.

All your ups and down got emrbaced,

These are what it makes you.

Oh, soul! Now that you have submitted the will.

There is always a brighter side

Even though it seems dark and not nigh.




Words and verses, miniatures and paintings

I give all to Him

For they depict my prayers and questions

And He knows it all

Whether I stay numb or write

He knows what is in my heart

And thus when I bow down to Him with questions

My soul rise high in perseverance and patience.

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Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

37 thoughts on “He who knows it all. (A duet)

  1. Dene wala samar-e-gulshan maqsood hain tu,
    Patta patta yahi kehta hain ki mabood hain tu,
    Tere hi fazl-o-qaram pe hain mera daromadar,
    Mera khaaliq,mera maalik,mera Maabood hain tu,
    Allah hu…….

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  2. You are a magnificent poet Mashallah and the day is not far when the your pen will captivate this whole world insha’Allah.


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