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Yeah we all have read this one amazing story engraved in our primary text book where sticks when tied together cannot be broken by bear hands be it of Arnold.

It’s the power of unity.

United we stand and divided we fall.

This phrase must have been echoing in your ears pretty often, but the fact today is ‘we are not united’ , we have differences and we linger on this differences and nurture hostility.

I once read in a popular magazine I think it was of outlook  that if India were to be truly united it would be a superpower.

What about the differences? Do we not hear the phrase when it said,

The fingers of palm are not equal but when clenched becomes a fist.

How do we cope up with this?

We should develop a common thread and work on it? And accept the differences,

‘yeah it exists’ ,

‘But it ain’t gonna make us deviated ‘

‘we shall work for the Greater cause and make India and return its days where golden birds sang’

“Are we guys are ready to accept this?”

And be respectful to each others views and appoint leaders that work for the nation rather than use the malovalent tactics.


We always tend to succumb to history to justify the present; what’s wrong today is wrong yesterday.

We in India have pure democracy and the power lies in our hand if we are not united this government will fail in governance, obviously.

We need to be in unison for justice, liberty and rights.

There is no “tolerance or intolerance” debacle in real life.

The black is black and white is white we should not disguise the blackness in the garb of whiteness  and accept each other’s viewpoint unless it’s not evil. The concept of acceptance must be introduced for the greater good.

Remember if we are united we stand if we fragment we fall.


The power only lies if we are one, united.


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23 thoughts on “Quote challenge (power of. One)*emotional *

  1. Very well articulated post Aquib! Having differences is healthy as long as it does not shake the foundation of unity, which unfortunately we are seeing today. We should learn to rise above those petty issues over which we are creating a divide. I do hope that we regain our golden era in the times to come.

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