Attention *urgent * don’t be mute witness expose them, please.

This is to inform all you my dear readers that there is one or two guys who target innocent girls who are new to or just started blogging just to fulfill their lustful agenda, pervertness, sexual frustration etc.

There are almost 20 girls that were targeted I recently came to know from a fellow blogger.

Just beware of these wolves playing sweet tricks to bait the innocent.

They write what most girls are most gullible to ie emotions and sweetness, or love and care but it’s a bait to catch them.

Some i know have permanently deleted their site and does not want to reveal their identity in the fear that this can happen again upon recreating the new site again.

They are stubborn and adament. Please beware.

If they harass you mentally repeatedly please don’t hesitate to report it to cyber cell they are quick and will take rapid action.

Please share this.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

53 thoughts on “Attention *urgent * don’t be mute witness expose them, please.

  1. At least leave wordpress. We are here to share our beliefs, ideas and emotions not to fulfill our sexual urges. Very good, this sure will create an awakening.

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  2. Really they corrupt their mind and whole future and career because of them can be at stake. So take it seriously and if possible report their site if you find it evil and deceitful.

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  3. My goodness, some things never end with those people. I recently had to get ahold of askimet for an issue and now there are wolves in the pastures. I’m glad we have decent people within the WP community.

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