I am totally awestruck and overwhelmed by the response by the one of my favorite writers on wp, Ayesha Kishwar from @the write direction.

I feel I am not eligible to describe her style of writing you just need to see for yourself.

Here is the link to her latest post.


It was just random as if God send her because I was looking for someone to duet me on the verses I felt it was incomplete.

Hope you all will like it and appreciate our efforts.

Btw she she took only 15 mins to weave the best of her poetry, I feel MashaAllah. May God bless her more with the power of words and success.

Here we go.

This ground you see is not the ground you see,
This path that you are treading is not the path you ought to choose.
When I see laughter it’s not the laugh that you laughed.
When the celestial swim across the heaven,
And cosmos obeys the heavenly laws,
All the stars that shine,
That beautified the sky.
The embellishing moon you see.
And the plants that maketh food to thee.
The perfection all lies within.

The deception you are in.
Vilely sway away and away till your death.
Upon that when you realize, it’s always too late.
When you leave your glitzy mansion,
Unto to the journey beneath the earth,
The unseen fact you denied,
Will be on your face, and questions
remaining to be answered.

The ground you proudly emboss your footsteps upon Lies silently in wait to open up and swallow you whole

You will soon regret the false path you chose When, it shall your grave enclose

Those laughs will fade away into a ringing silence The senseless smiles will melt away into tears of regret

As hollow as the unending black skies you once stared into Uncomprehending of them staring right back at you

You were too gripped by the enigma of the Moon and Mars To spare a single thought for the Creator of the sun and stars

The world you inhabit is nothing but a deceptive mirage Snatching you away from the true purpose of your existence

If only your eyes could glimpse what awaits beyond the veil Your life might not have been in such ruin and sabotage

Only few seek the truth and humbly believe Before their bones join their place beneath the earth

Would you rather be the one who lived, laughed and cried Who perceived the bigger picture and smiled

Or the one who, without purpose, Lived and died.

©Copyright reserved [The write direction] and !ns¡ght 2018

Ayesha & Aquib.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

47 thoughts on “Ground.

    1. Thanks for appreciating this Riman, it’s always my pleasure to hear your encouraging remarks. I hope you are days are bright and nights full of salubrious sleep. Best wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am looking forward to it, it will be my utmost pleasure. Yeah, I know you don’t worry things will be bright, just have patience and perseverance.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome. How are you these days, sorry I have been active on your blog!! There is one thing I have I will mail you ok.


      2. That’s the spirit, you are certainly very inspirational MashaAllah sister. And truly your efforts under difficult situations is something that I feel proud of talking to you or meeting you on wp.
        And things gonna be better with brighter tomorrow, InshaAllah, keep up the great work and efforts.. 👍👍👍


    1. It was absolutely my pleasure and your courtesy, despite being busy and occupied you wrote such marvelous poem MashaAllah. Best wishes for for always.


  1. Beautiful and thought provoking. Kudos both of you.!❤️
    And Aquib you aren’t a lost poet, no one is lost if they know the path that leads to Him😊


    1. Thanks, sameera.
      The context is different, dear.
      Alhamdulillah I know the siratulmustakeem, don’t doubt my allegiance please.
      And by lost I mean here my words are lost in the deaf ears it’s in the poetic context.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know him, you are in talking terms with him not I, it was your personal matters as he said , I was totally a stranger and your friend call me out for no apparent reason, uska toh Ishawar saja dega usey InshaAllah.


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