I came across a horrific plight of so called fake NGO in Bihar where girls from age 7-18 years were either sexually assaulted or raped.
This is really a heartfelt poem written by my one of my favourite writers on wp in line of these increasing incidences which is of great concern . Certainly her poetry is more her and unique.

The Write Direction

Note: This poem is inspired by the millions of articles we read on the subject of rape and violence everyday. Sometimes, they affect us more than most. Today was one of those days. Bear with me, it’s not too refined. I was just far too emotional to worry about that.

Been far too long
That I’ve been far too quiet
Maybe it’s finally my turn to speak
After all the time spent being feeble and weak

This story is different
Not one for all to bear
Those delicate hearts and soft eyes that rip apart
When they encounter tragedies that breed
Fueled by the sorrow of our young girls that bleed

You spot the title on a newspaper on your coffee table
Perhaps exposing it’s ghastly tale one cold morning
A hindu is raped
A muslim is raped
A dalit is raped
Because a woman is raped isn’t news enough…

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Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

20 thoughts on “Abuse

    1. The police has taken immediate action dear yassy, so in coming days thing will be brighter. I can really understand your concern and emotions. Don’t worry it’s gonna be alright and culprits will taste their punishment here and in hereafter as well. InshaAllah

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  1. The newspaper is horrid. People tell me that they don’t read news on rape as it is unpleasant!! The mind sets need to attacked now, as they are getting terrible. What is more horrid is that these beasts have no limits.
    Thanks for sharing though.

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