10 Blogging Confessions: The Do’s & Don’ts

Omg, the thoughts resonated with me completely.
And surely MashaAllah it’s the magic of the pen that speak so profoundly, so prolific at the same time.
I can say it’s a bible of the blogging.
All the points are I am sure if you are like me blogging for more than a year you can discern with it like the cheese melting in the mouth.


The longer you blog, the more you learn about what kind of space you want your blog to be. We both subconsciously and consciously develop our own rules and take on some already established rules. I’ve been seriously blogging for a year now and I’ve learnt so much on this journey. Here are my 10 blogging confessions:

  1. I will not follow you back if I’ve seen that you haven’t liked any of my posts

Who are you? What are you about? What do you like? You following me doesn’t give away much information about how you interact with other bloggers or what kind of content you’re interested in. Given how varied my posts are, I don’t know whether you’re interested in books, poetry, social justice, feminism or TV! In this case, I will check out your blog, but I definitely cannot promise a follow back if I go on your…

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