Beast poem

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Circles of dirt and pollution around,

Silhouetted by filthiness of comrades around,

Each is sitting in there,  devouring pan cakes,

A cake stuffed with bladder worms.

Their seems myriad of gobbled head,

Humping like  Eichornia in the marshes,

And spreading the coats of miniature,

Unseen sticky leeches sucking their soul.

And swarps of beetles and musca

Sticking around, smell so pungent,

That even  sulphide of hydrogens

Shaming under the garb of the mind.

Appearing, as it’s   the reflection, the lights seems aghast,.

Alas, These feral’s blathering dissonant blabber, mocks and shrewdness , got deluge in their own schemes,
Their words of bereaving souls infested themselves with their own frenzied paranoia,

And  the beast lies, littering and casting and blowing the aurora of black tars, is still residing.

©copyright reserved  !ns¡ght 2017

Cast away,  this,

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73 thoughts on “Beast poem

      1. Hello aquib ; sorry i know how stupid i am to reply so much late but I got the text last day . I dunno there might be an error


  1. Beast. The title is so apt. Is this an old poem A? If so, glad you resposted so I got a chance to read it 🤗 even the pancakes of bladder worms weren’t repulsive enough to drive me away from finishing the poem 😂 Hats off !

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yeah it’s an old poem dear ,well I recently wrote a poem titled “setting of the sun” ,your feedbacks was totally missed.
      Wish you all the best in life ,keep smiling.


  2. Pancakes with bladder worms… Perfect line to read while having breakfast. You are an umm…mazing poet. (By the way the Lizard is missing the spider)

    Liked by 1 person

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