The dew drops sparkle,
On the grass as I peep into its glory.
It remind me of enigma, the quarks,
The electrons and its make- up.
The sun rose to its glory,
Casting warmth to it.
The smile it wore as it split the light,
Illuminating the VIBGYOR.

The grass smiled inhaling warmth,
And sorrounding trees smirked at it.
Exchanging sarcasm and mirth.

In all the lands where seasons circled,
And to the land where midnight stretched,
And in the land onto which darkness spreads.
Think not as a thing of chance,
But a plan of the Sovereign.
The universe swims, with a destined whim .
Each day tirading and becoming thin ,
We ought do succumb to do wrongs ,
Blame it on fate or its book ? Nay!
Your step lied on the time,
Where you defied the line.
“Now what for you shed tears?”
In the nights where you casted away
The knights with the messages.
Alas! then bear the penitence .

Wait for then the new day ,
There nigh the drops shine ,
Welcoming to embrace .
Step for it and engulf the shine .
And see then what for the light stands .

In response to the daily prompt day.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

46 thoughts on “Day

  1. Can’t express how much I love your writings. Your words always speak to my soul. They too have voice, you know, as beautiful as yours. May Allah bless you my professor ji. Aaaaaamiiin….🙃


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