Make India colourful again.


Make India colourful again, 

Where knowledge floats free,

Where beating hearts roam free.

Where nights are not dawned upon by fears..

But a sign for the sun shine to gleam.

Oh, God who hath created the terrain of  peninsula, the giant mountains pecked scrounging the winds of chills.

The Arabians and bays tilling the soil to nourishment along with soulful winds.

Oh! see, the dark mongers of humanity has relegated the core of Indianism and made us pickets of candle marchers and bearers of gases tearing the eyes and flushing away.

The epochs of colonism, where

Where hands saw no divide,

Where tears dropped the same lachmyral drops,

And beated hearts in unison, crimsoned in red

Ready to bleed with just beats and steps,

Drew away the white mongers

Who ensnared us in scathing slavery…

And freed us breathing the free…

Alas, the martyred soul, “don’t returneth to the land of thee”

It’s dwellers fight and drenched hands in greed.

The fickleness has produced a regressed mind.

The divide has wedged and eyes in sea of dreadful opulence.

Oh, Birds of golden era don’t resurrect for your eyes cannot image and ears cannot audit the cries of helpless in agony.

The aghastness in the shadow of dark affluent, dies each day relinquishing,

Where its children of morphed culture dies in the awe of conspired  modernisation,

Where the era of unlawful jingoism blanching the minds.

Make India colourful again,

Colouring the world

Walking  with beautiful minds ,

Treading the path of freedom fighters,

With Echoing  words of great leaders ..

Where women heads were held high,

Where culture rose to zenith flushing away the animalistic obscenity.

Oh God!  Make India colourful again.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017


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Happy independence day to all my compatriots.

Your comments are valuable and highly appreciated.

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131 thoughts on “Make India colourful again.

      1. Oh! Sorry I can’t recall the reference. As for my “high standards of poetry”, its kind of you to say so. I an just a true lover of poetry.

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  1. Wonderful! I really hope and wish so, very powerful and deep,India has survived through many tough times and maybe if our history wasn’t so horrifying we would be a country at a different level, but with so many people and diversity a democracy couldn’t have run better, great post!

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  2. You wrote a beautifully sentimental verse echoing all our hopes and ambitions for this beautiful country of yours. No one could have said it better than you have my friend. Really made me proud to read this. Proud to know you my country friend and compatriot.

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    1. That’s kind and humble of you Miss I. F. As for experienced poet I don’t fathom it for myself it only shows your humility. I am just a novice and a drop in the ocean. There are few great writers and poets here you must visit they are awesome. Btw I read yours that was awesome and I look forward to your posts.


    1. Thanks for such esteemed remark sir ,I am surely overwhelmed by your kindness.
      We must walk forward together hand in hand for the righteousness and for the goodwill of the country. hopes are high.

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      1. The fact is the definition of humanity changes from piller to post.
        The fact is like how a sanskrit poem said the one with knowledge and wisdom is like a branch of tree with fruits, but the present scenario is a bit heart wrenching we follow masses, follow hypocrites and trust them.
        Your optimism i hope comes true, not only in India but the world as a whole is fighting, the new world order and the synergy have sinister agendas.
        See the fight for oil, armament race, civil wars etc.
        I feel India is the best one among all and the root cause of all problem somewhere lies in lack of unity and understanding. Corruption can be curbed with lokpal and education a proper education for all and free should be of utmost importance.


      2. we should come to the common terms . And esp religion we should understand the core etiquettes of the religion from its ORIGINAL sources not superficially from the mangers of religion whose only concern is to feed their big fat belly.


  3. We, together, can and rather will make India colourful again.
    I have full hope and Faith in the existence of humanity somewhere. May that humanity have strength to overpower.

    Thank you for writing this.

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    1. Happy independence say Soindarya Sriram. Aha, I am super satisfied that it made you happy, MashaAllah God bless you with success and happiness. (Mean it).
      hey, do you use nirma soap,? coz it tag line says “soundarya sabun..”
      , (lol, please sorry.. Cant control to share this with you).


    1. Happy Indian day to you too.
      Thanks for your finding my broken poetry praise worthy dear Malkie. Lots of best wishes to you. Hope you are having solaceful and peaceful days.

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  4. “Where its children of morphed culture dies in the awe of conspired modernisation.”
    ‘Conspired modernisation’. Indeed the perfect term.


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