Unsolicited love (collaboration)

Love, is arguably a coin with two sides

Either serene or stormy, you get the choice

But true love, is a beautiful bliss

An enthralling world once you put forth into, you never want to leave.


A living paradox that bedazzle

the barbed heart into its realm

effusing their amazement.

Love defined as malignant.


But true love is undeniably beautiful, yet a journey so tough

Trust, faith, should be blind

You can be naive, you can be weak, for together you’re strong

Love is all you need to believe in.


Hearken to heart oh mincing soul,

A heart living, beating veracity,

Trust no parched souls who bled profanity,

Search horizon for silentious signs.

-Riya & Aquib.

Image does not belong to me.

©Copyright reserved.

AestheticGraphy & !ns¡ght.

Was my utmost pleasure to write few verses with prolific writer, Riya. Follow her for more such sublime words.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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