A black Rose. (Collaboration)


Furtive motive travailed in a labyrinth,

Onto a assortment of delicate tender petals,

What mortals desired in inundating taints

In their futile attempts they lost in nature.

Dark close alleys
Suppressing passionate whirlpool.
Binds the soul forever
What tries to unshackle it’s core
And falls in the endless black depth.
Untold petals, crushed in the cries and chaos.

Enchanted alleys in the Saturnic terrain,
Why trudge thee like drunkard soul?’ Certain is the fall that befell
the dark alleys thus scalding, charring.

‘the vernal blossom you lost,
Left me agape with thy alacrity,
In the precarious ballyhoo
Tormenting, blanched feeds charred you’.
Captured, curtailed, cascading in the core.
Charred to the color of pulverizing petals.
Mephitic black petals leads to dwindling state,
Overwhelming darkness asphyxiates,
Black ash, black alleys, blackness prevails
Baffling spiral I sway in this lousy labarinth.
In this realm of toxic darkness,
This wasn’t your onyx
nor your nature
In pastoral of the heart
That lied serene and pristine.
Coaxed into Devouring
opaqueness and adamantine.
The serenity is lost and heart is ravaged.
Where were you when they plucked my ruby petals?
The topaz soul was shattered long ago,
When the leeches sucked my pristine redness .
Now venom seeps through these toxic veins,
Love is barred from entering in these dark lanes.

My ears hear your dirge.
The jabbing sinister coax,
That led you in the dark deluge.
Your face that shines,
New day still awaits
Dewdrops on your freckled cheeks,
Is a sign for you days to begin.
Now rise and shine from your ashes.
Like a new born Phoenix.

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Jaya Singh for this wonderful poem, it was an experience itself. This wonderful piece of art belong to her which really caught my eyes. Please do follow her to be just spell bounded with the art work and poems.

best wishes and good luck.


©Copyright reserved

Bonnefille and !ns¡ght.


Jaya Singh and Aquib.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

42 thoughts on “A black Rose. (Collaboration)

  1. Before typing this I say, ‘Bismillah’.
    Aquib ji, it was really a great pleasure to work with you. Each time I read your poems I am left spellbound. You are really talented and above all you are a very good and positive person.
    Jazakallah Khair

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my God, thanks you surprised me.
      Well, yeah I like to b positive. Above all its all your kindness.
      Stay well, the feeling is certainly mutual.
      (मैं तो vaporize कर gya, , bulk मे तारीफ जो हो गयी😁😁😁😁).

      Liked by 2 people

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