Private blog.

I felt quite uneasy when people bent on liking my stuff like firing Ak47. Those sneak peakers too, it seems as though they are poaching my content.

And those who just fake ‘like’ it, it drives me nuts. Therefore I decided to make the blog private, only so that the most genuine of the readers who appreciate my content only get to read it.

Even if it’s only one, or no one. I just want to write want to express.

This uncanny, hypocrites and malevolent people are masked as sheep ready to peach and annihilate others for their innocence and sweetness.


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the unsung poet..

11 thoughts on “Private blog.

    1. Nothing so grave Maryam, It was just a momentary gussa that time. Over a creep, a boy who is pervert and with evil agenda. I don’t want my innocent readers to be targeted by him. They are innocent. MashaAllah masoom.
      May Allah protect them.
      May Allah bless you with goodness and happiness ameen. That was it. 😁😁😁.
      Also I wished to write some Islamic reminder to freshen up our imaan. So yeah.
      Stay awesome.

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    1. Oh yeah,Miss Rudra Makwana I am so glad and happy to hear from you, MashaAllah.
      Yep, its ok, nothing too serious.
      All is well, Alhamdulillah.
      Hope are you are good too, always the best wishes for you from me. Peace and Love.


  1. Ok, I Just now am seeing this post. So ignore my previous questions in my other comment. I totally understand what you are going through too. I wrote a post about this same issue a while back. I couldn’t grapple with the “fakeness” of things and it still bugs me. So I had my say out about it and people said they agree. I have my group of readers who are genuine and we mutually care about each other’s writing and lives and ideas. You being one of them. Thank you for everything. I admire your character. Masha Allah.


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