The boy.

Written for the prompt that my friend coaxed me to write. 😁

A boy who used to visit the back yard of his house to dump his tiffin box. Everyday he did and escaped the tirades of his ever worrisome mother.
He was in 5th grade; a guy with naive mind with no superficiality, no malice.

His mother would go nuts for his obnoxious and obscure behaviour.
She would flak him, would kept thinking of his health for his good upbringing but he was such an ignorant, actively mischievous boy.

He did not ever listen to her for anything of what she says, just been in her rebellion doing things he ought not to do.
Playing video games, not doing his home works properly and getting warning in his school diary from various teachers.

She would often be called for his misconduct in his school.

His mother one day noticed his son dumping his tiffin down at the backyard of his house. She followed him angrily, and was determined to slap him for she worked hard and he had no appreciation for her nor any respect for she thought that he just apparently bullied his mom.
But she stood there for while noticing him, there were small kittens and their mother he was feeding them his tiffin, tearing the bits of chicken and Roti.
And patting them, without realizing anyone from proximity ;totally lost, the fact that the mother cat accepted him to his family of kitten, the same boy whose not a day past being scolded in home or in school.

His mother stood there in stark epiphany and retreated back quietly with reddened eyes and speckled tears.

She was waiting for him his own son to return, no sooner did she see him she hugged him, kissed his forehead.

“Mom will you not scold be for my muddy shirt and pants”, The boy said innocently, filled with regrets that his mom noticed that time .

“No Aquib, you are my coolness of my eyez, I won’t scold you ever.”, his mom said while sobbing in tears hugged his angel and crying profusely reminiscing her undue angst against his beloved soul.
She noticed in amazement the mother cat watching them, the cat stood there staring at her as though the cat was his mother. She watched them for while and left.

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