are we lost?


Really some are so hypocrite Munafiq, their hypocrisy is so evident.
Well if you go against the teaching even if you know the truth, as Allah said in Quran that there was no compulsion in religion but the manifestation of truth is crystal clear from falsehood.
And when if you fall in bin of sin, its of surety there will be regrets.
Why don’t we learn our religion?
It’s the most beneficial and beautiful religion that Allah the Creator, can you be more smart than the Creator??
Then go ahead,
Allah said in Quran if you follow anything besides the Prophet saw then let me tell you, you will gradually fall in the path of jahannam.
Allah Said in Quran, that Quran is a warning to those who reflects. Whilst one lives life according to his/her whims go ahead then how much of you will flounder?
Will there be anything else that will guide you to Haq and ultimately to Jannah?, Nah my friends it’s Quran and Hadith only.
Then why the whisper of Satans get prominent out weight the Taqwa, ie God’s consciousness is so weak.
We live life this small tenure of life, divided into small span of childhood, adulthood and then senescence.
Will you then not die? Are you immortal?
What answer will you give?
When the Rehman will ask about As Salah?
It’s going to be the first question on the day of judgement!
On the day the sun will be a palm away, one the day we all will be naked but will be in total chaos, what for you cut your hair in your days of Jawani? , on the day when mother’s will defy their sons on the day father will not recognize their daughters.

It’s all haq my dear.
Then surely if you are not on the straight path, there will no Arsh’s shelter that Muhammad saw promised that Allah will provide to his special servants, that special seven categories that the Momin followed ih his/her life, whilst compared to those who were lost in this Duniya.

My Job was to convey.

And I have conveyed

I pray that may Allah give us hidayat ameen.

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7 thoughts on “are we lost?

    1. Yeah, its so evident.
      I see Muslim in depression over their past etc.
      And forget to realize our Beautiful Glorious Quran is right in our proximity. Why not then read it, learn it?
      Allah will surely help from Gaib. Ameen.


  1. Masha Allah akhi Aquib. Sometimes, people are not fully clear or aware of their wrongs. Sometimes they are. Allah is the highest in terms of haq. He is the best judge. He can weigh so many factors on so many scales and so many variables and he will decide about each individual person, whether they knew better or didn’t. Whether they chose or could not help themselves due to ignorance. Thank you for your post about Islam. I am so happy to read this. I will look and see your other posts. Allah Hafiz!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks for the encouragement dear sister.
      MashaAllah it really amazes me and humbles me to the Almighty that how He plans things and how lucky are those who are practising the Deen of Allah the most Merciful.
      And i must thank you, I am honored to receive your kind words. JazakAllah khair.
      And sincerely pray for your success in this world and in hereafter. And do pray for me I have my practicals exam tomorrow lol. I depend on some miracle from Him 😁, I am so selfish in this(may Allah forgive my short comings). .

      Liked by 1 person

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