I sat indolenly watching the sun set, waiting for night and darkness that it would hover, would be explicit.
How beautiful the sky looks at night with stars embellished as adornment, with the moon so graceful to view.
As metaphorical as it might seemed, poets, writers, metaphysician had scalded it for their own analogy, egressing their thought as the embodiment to these naturalistic souvenir.
I got into an oblivion that shadowed my moroseness, what beauty is this? The air sashaying down my ears and seeing the orangish tinge at the horizon and apparently sun setting in the sea, what sign did it just convey?
It is possible enough for me to get up, from the hunches I had, the inundating pain I had lately that wrenched my heart.
From comparing life to cigarette, burning candles and sipping water but the audicity of it remains reticent. That is, who gave you this life at the first place? .
The quest of answering this questions have baffled a rational thinker to the brim of losing ones mind into committing excess in this excursion, is it not?
For some it is nothing, it is just limited to this phrase, ‘who cares?’. Unless they get a head on Collision or when they plunge into a bog of foolishness that chokes them.
Merry making, dancing and chilling and at the end, what generally remain are regrets!! or may be succumbed in being an
recalcitrant child saying ‘it wasn’t me’.
Realize your purpose of life and think and think and think and contemplate on ‘signs’ and ‘whys’.
Unless you don’t walk the path of enlightenment you will be in darkness and
May be opulent a life full of luxuries but lacking contentment and peace.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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