Must watch. Such a good reminder.


Watch this. This is really that end the miseries InshaAllah.

To have TAQWA to be muttaqi.

Allah said in Quran the Jannat is place for people having Taqwa in surah Taubah.

This life is tests, trials for us what more shall we take from this Duniya except for the deeds? . On the day that our limbs and body parts shall bear witnesses against us.

This life is serious, significant its no joke.

Our greatest enemy Satans are more vigilant, active and determined but shall not be able to misguide the servants of Allah.

Watch the video InshaAllah and reflect and contemplate.

May Allah guide us give us hidayat and make us among those who will be in Jannatul Firdous Ameen.

That’s the real success.

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