Face( poem). Back to my home experience.

This one I found half baked lying in the coffer of my assortment of thoughts that I usually penned it down in Google keep app.

The first stanza was already written then the subsequent stanzas i added yesterday night. (poem in the latest post)

Usually the ideas cook at night when I half asleep which gets imprinted in the abysmal din where each of my ruminations are in foetal stage gestating.

Right now I am in the auto rickshaw going home since it’s my days off from the college due to winter  and also  I have to buckle up  to face the army of relatives ready to hurl me up.

I told my mom to get ready with preparation of KABAB. We will InshaAllah make it together, btw i enjoy roasting it and eating it with super soaked buttery Paratha,with SALAD.

Here is the Delhi view from the infamous Cng autorickshaw.

BTW my auto driver is such a bad ass giving no room and pass to anyone and rushing as he is in some Lamborghini or FERRARI .

What a  ride i am enjoying it with the chilling wind making me shiver.


Train’s ambiance is totally insane sometimes, among chaos and rush i find strange harmony among crowds, India is like that where the person among swarms have adapted and moulded into it , that’s just how Indian works.

In Name of charity for kids i guess i was looted, with only 250 cash remaining in my pocket. Its now 4:20 and my train will arrive at 5:00pm ist. Well the charity chick gave me a badge.

Ok enough of the ramblings enjoy the pics i took.

See you when I reach my destination.

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