It suffices me

My suffering vanishes,

Your silence is heard,

Somewhere in secrecy,

I see you, I see as you

swallow sadness,

Your soothing smile,

Though seeking happiness

It shines on your face.

Never have i seen

Such a sunshine

Which is on your face.


Your aura seemed my sentience

Fills my abyss and vacuity

From the hearsay i heard,

That’s called love,

pure, true and divine,

exuberant and peaceful.

Unless one day it vanished.

Like a shiny bubble.

Splashing water from

The squeezed reality.


What I saw was your face,

But not what was reticent,

My gaze now assiduous

Unlike incognizant of realism.

Your clamor lay dead

To me who has gone

through flim flam and

trampling shoes.

Now Lay now on the road,

Openly clandestine.

To be not grey

But always black and white.

©Copyright reserved


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

7 thoughts on “face

  1. “My gaze now assiduous
    Unlike incognizant of realism.” There are so many beautiful lines. Really strong emotions. Loved this phrase “openly clandestine.” You are really gifted mashallah.
    (Please do an audio post… Want to hear your voice, PLEASE)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Waiyyak. Something, anything, …any poem, random thoughts, any surah or song or all of these, but something.


    1. You have four eyes to see, Miss battery.
      Well I am Mr spectacled as well. Call me battery haha, I am not like Shahrukh khan from Raess.
      Well thanks a gigaton,
      Stay blessed and keep smiling.


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