My Sister.

Wrote this one sometime ago. Well yeah have fun. Keep smiling.

I just trimmed a bit to make this post short.

I dunno why but living with my sister has taught me utmost patience.
Some of you might know i have two elder sisters and both are girls (a pj, can’t help) . The elder one is quite busy in treating patients.
But there comes the most famous the queen of perplexity and with contradicting and contrasting thoughts, the ‘middle’ one ( hey i know some of you have superb English MashaAllah please suggest me something, I will not mind at all. Umar Ibn Khattab RA said “Whosoever shows you your faults is your friend. Those that pay you lip service in praise are your executioners.” ) let me name her “Miss who don’t care”, “a girl whose knees pain when her head aches”.
The moment my mom announced that she would be my Inhabitant to my flat and that I was no longer with ‘myself’ , the floor under my feet vanished, I felt no gravity literally (I used to live with two boys previously and we kept everything neat and clean*just kidding *) .
My azaadi, my days of freedom sublimed in the air, boom! vapourised.
That is, i will have to bear her nuances and silliness.
Nevertheless she is MashaAllah very good to me. I exaggerated a bit here.
Her ‘sense of humour’ , this is what she says but I will rather say, “its an example of a person who has deficiency of BRAIN”.
she had her WhatsApp dp as one cute girl,
“Hey Afreen, whose child is she?”, inquiring her while showing her, her own dp.
“Google’s” she bursted out.
“Because I downloaded from Google”.
And laughed exuberantly.
I was grinning in confusion and thinking whether she had roasted me and laughed the crap out. Sometime she laughs for absolutely no reason to laugh at. And fun fact I can make her laugh and embarrass everyone at my will, I just know to spill the laughter beans to her.
(this is not it, its just an example, there are whole bunch of her silly talks).

But MashaAllah i adore her for her silliness or whatever because we laugh a lot , a lot.
She has just finished her masters in Biotech, and fortunately or unfortunately her friends too come at our place.
Some Girls are loud at times. (isn’t it?)

In that case I just stay in my room when her gang of girls visit her it seems to me as though i am imprisoned i feel really threatened even to step out, I dunno why? May be I am too shy. I am sure they must be in good opinion of me(honestly speaking I am quite famous among her friends MashaAllah).

She cooks awesome food, she has some magic in her hand, you can say, ‘she has a way to it’ , but the problem is that she hardly cooks. So i have my own ways to coax her to cook.
My assigned job is to prepare tea (she calls me for fun “tea maker” and thinks may be soon i will become the PM of India) and for doing dishes we have to clean our own utensils or plates. I don’t let my sister go to bazaar, it’s so chaotic.
We generally visit Westside Lajpat Nagar for dresses and shopping.
Although we quarrel on silly issues, for eg, she does not let me talk to any girl like really (I will write about this one later ) . I guess She wants me to be single, forever and ever upto infinity and beyond.

She is a big fan of Nouman Ali khan, mufti menk. Alhamdulillah she is pious and the noor on her face MashaAllah is so evident and the best part she prays fajar at its apt time.
Allah said in Quran that on Muslims the prayers are made Fardh on its TIME.
Living with her taught me many small things and foremost amended me for good Alhamdulillah.
Sincerely, a righteous woman is the best, it’s just best, Alhamdulillah.
So yeah at the end of the day it’s all good.
Just to remind you all beautiful readers in the rememberance of Allah is True feeling of pleasure and peace.
Stay blessed and keep praying and smiling.

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12 thoughts on “My Sister.

  1. Such an adorable post Aquib. Mashallah! And also a cute coincidence, I have a younger sister and a younger brother. Probably my brother will grow up and be annoyed with his elder sisters (already is) too. 😀

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