A dream.

This one too was lying in the quagmire of abysmal thoughts penned down. Among all i chose this because the taste of my readers are quite profound, hope this get down the gut. Keep smiling.

I have written something related to Quran, I will publish it InshaAllah here. Duao me Yaad rakhna.

Upon the clouds of my dreams shall I not walk you unto? .
Into a territory where pixies Reside,
Where there lacks uncanny hollowness
Save only the cakes of mistified delight.

I see fairies coaxing me for a ride,
Their smile so resplendid
emitting vermillion through out the sky. ,
The ambience so serene and opulent,
Where cherub dance elves purcussed their harp.
Playing tunes Unheard by any mortals.
There the Magic seemed glorious,
There aren’t things called demons.
There were no cries of agony
There were no briny tears.

A dream unreal and fictitious ,
As it may seems but adorned.
In that some smile remain
A escape from cruelty remain.
A quiescent embark it is.
A dream may be divine.
Its realism remains.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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