The Glorious Quran

I can in no way can describe the Miraculous Quran, with all my diction and eloquence however I try cannot meet the magnanimity of The Furqan, even to fathom it in words.

Indeed this is the Book exalted in might a book with no error. MashaAllah.

Glory be to Allah who blessed us with His words for the humanity to seek Guidance and all good that this universe beholds.

Quran was not only revealed to Muslims or the Arabs but it was for whole of humanity. So does the Prophet, he (pbuh) is not only the Prophet to Arabs or Muslims but to the whole of humanity.

Allah said in Quran

“We have sent not thee but as a mercy to the whole worlds”.

peace, blessings and salutations be on the greatest Prophet(pbuh) to walk on this Earth in the face of world’s History as well as among Prophets.

He (pbuh) is the Imam of all Prophets. He(pbuh) led the prayers to the prophets of God during miraaj (The Night Journey).

Whether you are Muslim or not. (A Muslim is someone who has submitted his or her will to the Will of the Almighty).

Allah promised that He will show them His sign to the heavens above and earth’s below until it’s clear that this is the truth.

The more you practice the religion of Allah sent down to the last and final Prophet (pbuh) the more humble, the more pious and more Muttaqi you become. If you are a Muslim and not practicing you are sincerely lacking something, I wish you reach that state and taste the fruit of Sajda and rememberance of Allah, and extract goodwill from the beauty and the perfection that Islam has.

As Allah said in the Quran if the Quran had been from anyone besides Allah then it would have many discrepancies.

And Allahamdulliah there are none.

God in the Quran challenges human kind and jinns to produce a single Ayat somewhat similar to Quran, how can they? They can’t and never can. There had been none and will be no one God willing.

The fact is that we haven’t realize our God and how insignificant we as a creature is we don’t know it. Yet we feel on cloud nine as though we are lord.

Tell me which of the favors from God Almighty we can deny?

Ask those who do not see yet have eyes leave aside the sorroundings we are provided with, the Oxygen rich air we breathe in. The placement of nose is just so feasible. The intricacy of brain, it’s not the thing of chance it’s surely by design.

“On this day We have perfected the religion (Islam) for you and chosen Islam for you)”

Many have misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam that have been greatly maligned by the media esp western to carry out their agenda and secret conspiracies and what not.

But besides all these hideous efforts islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and among the reverts the majority are of Women.

It’s by the mere beauty of the religion. Its the truth.

Allah said in the Quran and this is the one of the famous Ayats which says that when The truth is heard against falsehood it perishes for falsehood by its nature is bound to perish.

And MashaAllah the reverts’ practice sometimes baffle me in contrasts with those who were raised up and born in the Muslim family.

Indeed to whom Allah guide none can misguide.

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