I am an amateur writer, may be around Grade C if you want to put that way.

And i tried so hard to write something yesterday and ended up in a hotchpotch concoction. Ironically sometimes lines etch out like cheese melting in the mouth. I guess there is another me hiding somewhere.


These were the things that had been in my Neural mass creating electrical signals, giving me shocks every now and then.

(first to write about) 1. My blogging experience till now.

I first made my account on August 2016 and had witnessed weird things not to mention the good aspects and great writers who are obvious and need not require any introduction.

This might help you and prevent you from deleting the site, yes! this is the most common thing that happen esp with girls, boys are like hyenas sometimes, like a ravenous lascivious being searching for its prey (i dunno about girls, it’s 2019? I have no idea, seriously, I guess till now I haven’t met anyone like that, Alhamdulillah) .

2. A humorous, funny post: I used to write obnoxious things that were meant to be funny. And with that I have Alhamdulillah garlanded few amazing bloggers as well who fortunately are my ardent readers(Really kind of them Alhamdulillah)*I guess not now*.

3. Now this have been my everlonging quest to write the saddest poem. I had tried in the past and i might had unlocked the subtelity of it (Thank God) . In this conquest though I had put myself in so much of sadness that I had cried immensely, sometimes though, but it was not of those petty issues of crying over a lost girlfriend or love, nah! my dear sisters I am Alhamdulillah over these worldly fabrication.
Therefore when I hear these tragic writers writing about their lost girlfriend(s) or boyfriends or love, it do amazes me, their height of negligence or their obsession or just their sheer ignorance from Deen ul Haq is clear only but they fathom not.

The miseries of the world are nothing less my dear readers if you just hatch out from the glitzy walls and fake virtual world.
Trust me if you think your problem is ginormous you are fooling yourself.
Nonetheless for those who believe their smile is the answer to their hardship. For they believe firmly in the KitabbilAllah. Actually they are smart.

I have written a poem too titled “the ballad of the wall”, do read it. I first published this on 19 jun 2017 https://wp.me/p7MN1c-4L.
Although it was just out of the blue.

Heart wrenching atrocities and plight are so grievous and prevalent that women in the turmoil have lost their ability to shed tears when even their sons or husband dies for the fight of their rights. They are now numb and wait for the Hour when the Jabbar will dispose their reckoning.
I don’t want to make you all sad detailing the atrocities in Rohangya, Syria and Palestine. These name are I guess will serve the purpose.

Sometimes i feel its useless to say or cite these things because their eyes, ears and heart are sealed. Sealed over obsession, narcissism, patriarchy, chauvinism pseudo movements that are just lame. Totally have lost their minds over Instagram, WordPress, facebook lost in the virtual world or tangled or slaved themselves to this internet and slaved to utterly cheap and rubbish love affairs.

They are deaf to hear and blind to see and have blinkers on them, their similitude are like ostrich or emu who dip their head in the sand and going gaga being in darkness and shouting out jargons.

Imagine the situations if that would have occurred to us. May God forbid ameen.

Just open the minds my dear readers. Likes, comments, hearts and fake attentions are hypocritical and will serve no greater good. It’s just a fake brittle thing. What matter is the core values and integrity.

We need to introspect of what have we done till now for greater good to us and to aur families and ties? Besides entertaining and merry making.

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14 thoughts on “Writer.

  1. Very true. I agree with what you said. The world has become slave of virtual world. Today only, someone told me “hum ek din me hi bina Instagram ke ‘tadap’ gae.” Exactly this was the world ‘tadap’. May God show us the right path. And as for you, you are mashallah in the grade ‘A++…+’ of writers.


    1. Toh tumhe usey gaana sunana chahiye tha na.
      “Tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi, mujhe ko saja di instagram na chalana ki. Ki lut gaye Haan lut gye instagram ki Yaad me”.


      1. Mereko ko nahi pata hain. Mera dimag tabhi chalta hain jab main khud chalta ho. 😎😎😎.
        Tum apne dimag ko morning walk Karaya karo, motagya hain susura.

        Liked by 1 person

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