Hey my dear readers. A challenge for you. Please accept it.

I asked this question to Afrien. I can’t recall now what she said.

Nevertheless, I am putting forward to all my readers here.

The question is bit simple.

Imagine yourself to be ported to a planet or a realm or any dimension. And this place is not like earth- it’s a miraculous place like some heaven may be, no tensions, no rules, nothing those mind cramping things, and you are freed with any religious obligations. Its just you, you are the queen the alpha beta gama. Whatever, it’s just YOU.

There your desires (anything) come to reality. You wish for thousand cars, boom! you have it. Whatever you wish, you want one husband or two or a hundred or wives or children they will just pop up for you, exactly the way you desire, you know like no limit.

Remember It’s a miraculous place and your wishes whatever it may be come to reality.

And i want all of you to pen down them ie your desires, your wishes that you would like them to be in reality in the comment section, but within 5 mins time. And think it like those precis writing. But make sure you finish it within time limit. God is watching you. Within 5, well i am a lenient invigilator you can take 120 secs extra.

Be honest lol here.

your time starts now.

Best of luck.

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13 thoughts on “Hey my dear readers. A challenge for you. Please accept it.

      1. Tripping around the world with a friend from every corner of the world.😂
        Kisi KO bihari bolte hue sunna.😂
        Lo Maine toh ek min se bhi kam main likh Diya.😂


  1. In the infinite limerence of life
    Amidst the unique arrangement of stars
    My only wish is to conquer the unconquered.
    And to travel the world on visa free passport.
    Completed the challenge in 3 minutes 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God. That’s a lot of thing, to conquer the unconquered.
      World tour, that’s adventurous.
      2 mins remaining in , wow, inte me toh Maggi tayyar ho jayegi. 😁.
      BTW congratulations you nailed it Rudra MashaAllah.
      It’s like mind blowing. Wow. Wow wow *Saif Ali khan atma getting in me *


  2. Ab jaha likhte Hain waha Kiya ye survey ki Nahi

    “…well i am a lenient invigilator” humse toh itna strict rehte Hain. hamare strict professor may Allah bless you. Āmīn


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