Topics that are echoing in my mind to pen it. Have a glimpse of it

Aslamalaikum.(peace be on you)

1. immorality.

I have observed during the course of my blogging expedition, some wolves who are disguised as sheep are hell bent on spreading corruption and immortality.

Foremost the internet is majorly a place to showcase hypocrisy. To portray misguidance and corruption. And its daunting, this HIV type virus has almost affected everyone .but fortunately this virus though lay harmless to those who had the panoramic view to screen that away.

There is a reason why Allah swt said “Do not come NEAR fornication”.

May Allah grant us the Hiqmat to reflect upon the Ayats ameen.

Because the fitan leads to Zina, anything related or in its proximity is disastrous, and Zina is a KABIRA gunaah.

Satan has smart ways. The key to destroying his malevolent intent to befriend humans (transform them into Satan, ultimately leads humans to Jahannam) into their own kinship is As Salah the prayer.

Yes the prayer. Whenever things are not your way, You just need Jayenamaz (prayer mat, it’s not necessary but I just used as a symbol), ‘kick the Wasawas of Satan and Say Aodhobillah, and pray two rakat,and hurrah! your next level got unlocked.’

Two rakat prayer is solution to your problems.

  • You are addicted to anything whenever that infliction comes make wadhu and pray two rakats.
  • You are feeling sad, make wadhu and pray.
  • You want anything make wodhu and pray.
  • You ain’t waking for fazr, make a Niyaah that you will pray 100 nafli prayers if failed to wake up in the next morning, InshaAllah you will wake up .
  • Just pray. Be sincere.
  • Just do it sincerely. I guarantee you InshaAllah that negativity, that which is bothering you will vanish.
  • There are records of people on youtube who used this “two rakats solution” to get rid of addiction like smoking, obscenity, etc. Whenever their urges come they prayed two rakats and subsequently the addiction vanished *khallas*. Because you know Satans hate to invariable degree when humans pray to Allah or worship Him.

Make your intension strong.

Firm, you wanna do this means you wanna do this.!

And don’t look, read or befriend immorality. Guard your gaze.

Will be InshaAllah writing more on this.

2. Evil eyes

I guess i had recently been into this problem. Like i wasn’t feeling the way i used to be, I felt as though i am heaved upon, I felt heavy . And i expressed my feelings here too, that was an evil eye.

I would not detail you about how and when it happened. But i am quite sure of that.

I needed the Ruqya, fortunately we have the zamzam water so I am pretty sure, (God be willing) that was nullified when I drank that.

Hasad and bugz are prevalent. None can deny that. Always seek refuge in Allah from the Hasad of people, from the evil intensions of humans and satans, and say MashaAllah, ie All glory be to Allah.

You can obviously read the last three Chapters ie Surah Ikhlas, surah Falaq and surah Nas and ayatul kursi.

To my readers who ain’t Muslims can also listen if possible by heart these chapters In Arabic because it’s Allah’s word revealed to Muhammad pbuh .

Trust me on this.

Ayatul Kursi from Chapter 2.

Surah Ikhlas 24 sec video, with translation.

Surah Falaq.

Surah Nas. 52 sec video with translation.

3. Don’t be sad.

You know what guys redeem yourself, if you are going through bad phase trust me it’s your challenge accept it.

We are KHAIR UMMAH, Alhamdulillah ,

It is enough for the ummah when Allah said this for the Mominah and Momin.

Allah swt from The ARSH praises us in the Quran,ie the followers Mohammed pbuh.

So don’t be sad.

4. Dowry

It is such a blot to the Indian society as a whole.

I feel its a curse for the exchange of bride. I mean these beggers have no sense, and have a disgusting face to put forward their so called demands or exhort money from the father of bride.

I will be InshaAllah be writing on this disgusting dowry issues.

And real life cases, and how this dowry is mother of many tumultuous grievous problems.

5. Marriage

Marriage is made simple and holy in Islam. Marriage is fardh on a Muslim , it completes the religion ie deen.

Worship of Allah is not limited to Salah and Suam but every action of yours can be a worship if done according to sunah, therefore even the kiss between a husband and wife is blessed upon(Barakah) because they did it the right way.

So marriage is a very sacred affair between people of Taqwa.

My train to new delhi is tomorrow feels like “meri Kal vidai hogi ghar se”.

Duao me Yaad rkahna.

Allah hafiz.

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22 thoughts on “Topics that are echoing in my mind to pen it. Have a glimpse of it

    1. Thanks a lot Noor Fatima. MashaAllah you have a beautiful name and fatima surprisingly is the name of my mother as well. 😁.
      Always my pleasure.
      Peace and blessings.


    1. Yeah, Alhamdulillah it is. Please do that. InshaAllah you will find a respite.
      may Allah guide to happiness and success in every walk of your life ameen.


    1. As Salah is performed in a way how Prophet Muhammad pbuh taught the Ummah, in this there are Arkan (like Ekamah, Sujood and Sajda, Sajda is the heart of Salah or prayer) these there when performed together completes one Rakat of Salah.
      Hasad means jealousy, Bugz means hatred.
      I have used both urdu and arabic words.
      They are very common among Muslims.
      So yeah Shreya thanks for your interest. Keep smiling. Peace and blessings unto you.

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  1. Subhana’Allah, this is a beautiful post. I would encourage every believer to read Ayat-ul-Kursi, Surah Falaq, Nas and Ikhlaas every day. It is said that when you enter your house, you should say Salaam to the angels and then read Surah Iklhaas to grant you financial security/wealth as well. Prayer above all helps because we speak directly to Allah (SWT). May Allah (SWT) grant you strength, health and prosperity, Aquib.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I would not detail you about how and when it happened. But i am quite sure of that. I needed the Ruqya, fortunately we have..”

    Oh professor, I once read in a hadith in bhukari that “those who did ruqya will not be among the seventy thousand who will enter directly to jannah.”

    I don’t know if what you are referring to as ruqya is the same to who is referred to in this hadith or not, but it had this word ‘ruqya’.

    Apna khyal rakhiyega. May Allah bless you and protect you from all evils. Āmīn


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