Birthday Wishes.(poem).

It seemed a jiff,
When the seed of
Friendship did sow.
Now after years
Of our odyssey
hidden in our laughters
And ethereal smiles,
Those gleeful moments.
In each moment
I wished you bliss.
Today too, with numbness
In my eyes, I wish-
I wish you happiness.
You are my sister :
From different mother.
I breathe in you, me.
For we bear closeness high.
And y’r coolness of my eyes.
I wish all days,
Your togetherness.
Walking down the aisle,
Down the path trodden
By the humans of honour.
Under the expanse of sky.
May there be blossom
Where doth thy see eyes.

Even all my syllables
That Heave a mountain,
Can’t describe you.
You are the elysian’s soul
I can’t thank Allah more
For your admirable company.
Today I dunno why these
Tears popped- up as i
Scribble down these lines.
My prayers only Allah knows-
interred in my heart.
Beating with it as i breathe.
I wish you a grandeur day.
When you happened,
In this world.
I cherish this day.
When you first,
Breathe the air.
I cherish this day.


©Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

24 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes.(poem).

    1. Oh yeah “aapke moh me ghee shakkar”
      You know novus this idiomatic expression also known as “Muhaware” in Hindi is used often, this phrase actually implies may this comes true (And by the Will of Allah) .
      There are more Muhaware like these,
      Like “bina baans ke bassuri bajana “, that means talking without any reference.
      How are you novus these days?

      Liked by 1 person

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