Lament *

The slumbrous night,

Dark, vivid with stark blackness

A lonesome soul fighting –

Fretting like anything.

He is me, a part of me.

Whose voice they loved,

And cherished him solely.

Now banished in the land,
And his cries unheard

On the boulevard of

Loathsome morsels & tatters.

Now Wish me luck and loads of hug.

But my chest is not safe, like yester days.

That chest whom you vouchsafe.

In these bivouac these arrows’ head,

Will pierce my chest and heart-

Bloody heart, and when you hug

Take away my blood stained shirt ,
and cry not the pearlescent tears,

Save, i will see you later (God willing) .

on the faraway land,
Beneath which rivers run.

What more dirge shall I sing ?

Your ears shall not take,

Oh dead heart! ensnared in sullying.

Deadened viciously, by the daggers

Clenched by your own hand.

Your eulogy is fake, turn away

Your sinning hand from my face.

I smell of dead living meat,

Manaquin, a piggery- soul and star

in the hall of shame.

For death even hates you,

Your soul rotten and dead.

You denied the light and

Breathed darkness and smoke.

And cried volatile tears,

Filled with hollow emotions,

And fake unreal metaphors.

And now die as you breathe

Die as your heart beats,

A living corpse with cursed soul.

Hello readers, (not again) please help me with the title.

May Allah bless you with happiness and guide you to success here and in hereafter ameen.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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