Silent Evil-Etheree

The dark monster unleashed, an evi’ disguised
As sheep, cloaked a cheerful smile
Ensnaring us each day and night
Intoxicating supreme.
Casting black magic.
Portable screen
Held in your hands


Attempted an etheree after a long time. My dear readers don’t invest your valuable time in bogus, unproductive or to be more precise don’t fall in satan’s trap or Waswas .

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

7 thoughts on “Silent Evil-Etheree

  1. Yayy!! I am the first, Professor 🙃. Oh wow! This is just hitting the perfect chord. Awesome. And see the irony , I am still holding a portable screen in my hands to type against it. What came the first in my mind while reading this was, “O Allah! I am just going to recite Surah-Al-Falaq.” We really need refuge in Almighty as this is indeed the ever- spreading darkness.

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