Why do you knock on my door dear?

This home i call, on its floor

Lies scattered bits of smiles,

Swimming in guffaw of tear drops.

How good is bad, and how bad is good?

Sadly i can’t mouth on it,

It is sealed,’ Unlikely?’,

Dear friend, my pocket is empty.

I have nothing in exchange

No penny, no arsenals. Just me!.


Aeons seemed to have passed,

Look like a thing of yesterday

When I bid adieu to my happiness.

Bid adieu to laughter, bid adieu to silly smiles,

adieu adieu adieu.

I have only this home, and sky above,

And above is my Lord.


I know some places,

Where you can happily reside.

And where have there smiles,

Laughter, filigree gold and silver.

And shining reclining haunches.

I bid adieu my dear,

But i will say and repeat

‘Go straight, just straight,

And never turn back’.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

18 thoughts on “Knock.

  1. Dont bid adieu
    But let’s build a home of friendship with bricks of affection respect care and bind them with blessings for each other.No one has a happy home so let’s become home for each other.

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  2. Oh this is a lovely poem.
    It feels sad and happy at the same time. Sounds as if you’re referring to heaven.
    We must keep going whatever the issue is.
    Keep smiling bro

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  3. This poem is a depiction of reminiscing memories. Every verse is describing the deep thoughts travelling in the depth of your mind yet, the deep thoughts are getting unveiled with a glimmer of hope. But, the mind is awakening the light within soul and inspiring it to follow its own path and never look back.

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    1. RM I cherish totally of what you have said here and really humbles me the kind of gold and shine in your heart is (MashaAllah) more so, not because you have put out this comment but because my gut feeling is knocking to pen these words for you.
      May God guide you to success in here and in the Hereafter. Ameen.

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