Halal Relationship. Talk 1.

You would come across some people blabbering their failures, in love esp which is nothing but guising their transgressions and shadowing themselves from the fruits of Halal relationship (only if they had that patience and perseverance) .
So crying crocodile tears is indeed sycophancy.

They have already charred their hearts with blackness supreme.

Allah don’t like the TRANSGRESSORS ,
He has revealed the last commandment, a manual to follow and put the ball in our court, remember the Creator knows the minds (of ours) and we cannot fathom the reticent wisdom and plethora of things though we had the gift of intricate Brain that He (swt) designed , For that only He said to the angles “Bow Down to adam (pbuh) “.
“We have created Jinns and humankind, but to worship Him”.
May we be guided to Haq ameen.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

8 thoughts on “Halal Relationship. Talk 1.

  1. Indeed Allah is the best planner and whatever he has planned is the best for us. Losing patience is losing faith and when faith is lost, how can the relationship be blessed

    May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala bless us and protect us from ill desires.

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