Are you an addict!

Social media!
Dwindling on articles watching some unbearable interviews on youtube, firing debates.
Most of the time when I say to people, they tend not to believe me unless they get an head on bang on the wall, it happens! I am used to it now. The naivety in them is like an obdurate kid literally some of them behave as they have just come to the earth, their speech is disgusting so is their personas. Their speech smells like a tar burning almost choking you.
Nonetheless it’s better to bang my head on the wall than to explain them. Social media, pros and cons i know when i will elicit the cons, you will get “bla this, bla that”, okay, the promulgation of it however I however try to, cannot shove in your mind washed brains. The thing is you will never ever see “Mark Zukerberg”, spending his life on his own facebook. The fact is we are now zombies. We cannot escape this matrix, we are fed constantly by the subliminal messages.
“Come to Facebook”
” come to instagram”
“come to mirakee”, it is your love, your bread your breath your mommy. Your ears now desensitized to the calls of your own parents, don’t shout at me when I say it’s your life.
Are you not willing to come out of this loop?
They say, “WE Do NOT SIT TO CODE THE PROGRAM, WE PROGRAM YOU”. You KNOW, WHAT? you are Puppies to them like punching bag, like doormat. They can use you at their own comfort to program you to their whim. This epiphany won’t get digested by you, you lack those guts, you are like zombies feeding morsels of stigmatized frivolity, aren’t you? When you feed on these , these cryptic codes are blinding your minds.
, then die each day don’t blame me i had warned of its noxious predicaments.

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