Poem Untitled for now.


Poem – untitled for now.
#blank verse

I am happy and satisfied
Atleast for a while that I am
Counting on my fingers.
a mirthful life in your love.

It was short lived but longed.
Stretching in my memories
That when I will resurrect too,
would be embedded in synapses.

Oh love in the tirades of time
I may be lost,torn and twisted
But in my heart there is a town
Where your face is only printed.

Wish i can dissect my heart,
That each chamber is filled
By your love giving me peace
But Alas it’s mirage in desert.

Wish i can dissolve in you,
Like some honey in milk,
Entangled and Espoused
Florid Puerility at its peak.

A sunshine you are, glowing
With a red halo around you,
Covering you in pristine honour.
Eyes emanating thy aura.

You will rise each day
Among dark silhouettes,
For you dwell in kingdom.
Underneath rivers channel.


I am back to blogging as for now. Missed all of my blogging mates.

Peace and blessings upon you all.

Do comment, would love to hear from my readers

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the unsung poet..

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