Pearlescent embers

leaves of olive I hold
In my hand the roots grow
Moon still shines though
The nights grew darker by time.

I still smile the farthest isle
Cries of agony I hide
Eclipses are a common thing
Still have the rope clentched tight .

Upon death we grow
Laugh in the dying night
And wakes up in the day
For the new morning light .

I wish I can stand on a kingdom
Of mirth and glee. Ceased
Were thorns of pasts
In the path of my walks .

My shadows fade in the dusk
No need to bid adieu
Remember my name, I’ll come
Back when your heart call me again.


Let me know your thoughts on the poem . Peace and love.

© Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

19 thoughts on “Pearlescent embers

  1. Day n night this heart calls out,
    Utters your pious name.
    The beads of misbaha,
    The phalanges of this frame,
    Ceaselessly chant your name
    Your name your name…
    No doubt this heart has,
    Not a speck of dubiety in this soul.
    You will come to me my angel I know,
    In unison beat our hearts, sing our souls.
    Transitory are eclipses,
    To its darkness, we are not destined.
    Cause you my love are my light
    My moon, oh my Sunshine.
    We will never unclench this rope,
    We will never transgress, turn back.
    Keep walking relentlessly,
    You will always find me by your side.

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  2. “Eclipses are a common thing
    Still have the rope clenched tight .”

    This is just gorgeous words stringed together with the alchemy of your thoughts. A beautiful piece!


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