Bloody ink.

You wanted stars from my sky
But I don’t have any dear,
You wanted me to smile,
But I forgot how to put on the smiles.
You asked me why can’t I speak
But you forgot the murk I was in.
I believed in the dark more than
Flashy light that you were dancing in .
I love the music the silence had.

What will you do, you cannot hold my hand
You have wings you ought to fly.
While my feathers are scrounged
I am contented in eating ‘daal’ and rice
Burgers and plastic bags with seal on,
Are beyond my niche- non existant.
Seeing dying men and women
And seeing those who ate grass,
Seeing blood stained on shirts,
Crack crevices of my heart.

Cellophane faces, chits chats
are embedded In the Graves
of the frivolity and hypocrisy.
I wish to die than sway
away with the world’s order .
I am no rose in a vessel
but periwinkle in sun.
With time you will forget me,
Nothing to lose or gain.
I will still be on ground,
May be spreading mirth.

I know when you pass by me,
You will look back with smiles
With words I gave you that
You walk by.
I have upright words.
That speak of the path, upon
Which there is no doubt.


Photo credit- to respective owner.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

2 thoughts on “Bloody ink.

  1. Dear Mr. Poet,

    I so love reading your words. Everything you write captures me. Please write something (poem or islamic post or your signature ramblings or all of these).

    A little request, if I may.

    Your ardent reader.

    Liked by 1 person

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