Wistful figments

There is something new about the new dawn
The sanguine, tangerine sunrise is telling
That don’t cry over that something that
You cannot get over, what’s not yours.
Sigh a deep breath,’oh mortal! with weak heart’.
Sit on the grass with dew drops and just watch.

You know dear let me tell you ,”you are a periwinkle”,
Beautiful glowing alongside the pedestrian
Have you seen it with the rose,coupled ?
Something cannot be yours, universe’s play.
Your pearlescent tears are of no use dear.
Smile even in the dearth, difficult to fathom.
But let the rose bloom to it’s glory, don’t you
Want to see? The scarlet blood like shine
And fragrance spreading all over.

You have sacrificed a lot dear, it’s time for
You to rest and calm down the storm in
Your heart, the strings attached are breaking.
You have starved and it’s all at stake,
The cruel world doesn’t forgive dear, it shall
Trample you, but you don’t lose hope .
Because this is all you have.

Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

5 thoughts on “Wistful figments

  1. This world might be cruel.
    Let its ignorant foot,
    Trample my innocent petals,
    … If it can,
    But my Lord is merciful
    This is beautiful professor. May Allah subhanahu wata’aala bless you. Āmīn.
    And correct that ‘difficult to fathom’
    Jazakallah Khair. Āmīn.

    Liked by 1 person

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